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Wireless monitoring a miniature endoscope

Product Numbers: 20133493052

Price: US $0

Product description:The new Ridge ridgid seesnake miniature endoscope can be easily in difficult-to-reach places visual inspection. The lightweight, handheld design is easy to find, diagnose and resolve with flexible extension tube and other useful accessories.

New Ridge ridgid seesnake miniature endoscope
· Technical data:
Flexible extension tube cameras small water with 1 minute
Night vision distance: 1.5 m
Waterproof Level: underwater IP67 degree of protection
2.5 TFT - LCD wireless monitor, rechargeable lithium battery
Light weight, it is easy to find, diagnose and solve problems, handheld design
Accessories include: hook, mirror and magnet

Widely used
Check chimney flashing around the internal leakage.
Read a furnace fan motor model.
Retrieve lost screws under the refrigerator.

And more ...

The read on difficult to reach the equipment Servictag.
Check the internal heat exchanger tubes (boiler).
Check in residential furnace AC coil.
Find a wall cavity closed after the installation of the equipment.
Check the the debris cold air return.
Check the filter drier.
Check receiver receiver in a crowded space connection.
Check the install gas stove connection.
Check the car you can not reach inside the engine.
Check the various radiator behind.
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