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BKS-6000 Disinfecting hand

Product Numbers: 201334144425

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Product description:Type: BKS-6000 Name: automatic induction germicidal disinfecting hand Description: automatic sterilizing disinfecting hand, hand sanitizer, alcohol sprayer, hand disinfection machine

BKS-6000 automatic sterilizing disinfecting hand, hand sanitizer, alcohol sprayers, hand disinfection machine
1,2009 new products interchangeable cans, can be OEM.
2, induction, contact-free, quantitative spray solution: hand that sprayed disinfectant
3, the ejection amount can be adjusted: 1-10 ml each
4, infrared sensors intelligent technology: the complete elimination of the interference of light
Clean door control: spray liquid automatically open a clean door
6, disinfectant container remove convenient for frequent cleaning, high temperature sterilization, or periodic replacement; internal Guankou filter cup to prevent nozzle clogging.
7 for all viscous skin disinfectant and 75% alcohol.

Applicable industries: medical institutions, production plants, schools, kindergartens, office, restaurant industry, daily life.

Technical parameters:
Medium volume: 1500ml
Power supply voltage: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz/60Hz
Power: 20W
Ejection amount: 1 ~ 10ml / times
Sensing distance: 8-12cm
The level observation window: the highest level show the the 1500ml lowest level display 100ml
The ability to work: continuous work
Access control: contact power AC250V-1A
NW / maximum load: 2.2Kg/5.1Kg
Dimensions: 230 × 150 × 375 (mm)
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