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BKS-378 infrared sensor automatically to the soap dispenser

Product Numbers: 20133415247

Price: US $0

Product description:Model: BKS-378 type Name: Infrared sensor automatically to the soap dispenser

1, suitable for homes, hotels, hospitals, offices, railway stations, factories, schools, and other places.
2, can be dressed various disinfection liquid.
3, intelligent microcomputer control, the normal operation of more than 10 million times;
4, infrared sensing technology automatically out of the liquid;
5, the color of the product for selection of coffee, navy, white, and green tea.

Technical parameters:
Model Number: BKS-378 type
Fluid volume: 0.3 ~ 1ml / times
Sensing distance :2-15mm
Working power supply: 4 AA batteries
Medium volume: ≤ 500mL
Specifications: 80 × 93 × 180mm
Available colors: navy blue, white
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