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BKS-202 Automatic Faucet

Product Numbers: 201334151324

Price: US $0

Product description:Automatic Faucet HSD-202 Functions and features: Water saving: hands stretched forth his water unsolicited hand to close the water stops immediately, especially water-saving.

Health: You do not need to contact to the faucet, the water and off the water all done automatically by the sensor, convenience, health, effectively eliminating cross-infection of the bacteria.

Intelligence: The machine is controlled by microcomputer automatically set the optimum sensing range, without human adjustment, anti-light silk and ultraviolet function, to avoid false water; There is also a 60 seconds timeout washing function to avoid foreign objects on sensor inside and cause waste of water resources.

The saving: DC products use four battery-powered, 300 times a day, within two years without having to replace the battery. (Note: The battery must be brand manufacturers, and the factory no longer than six months).

Pico machine control circuit design, highly integrated electronic centralized at the head of the induction and completely waterproof, moisture.
Comfort: comfort, gentle hand washing space, power anomalies automatically when you turn off the water.


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