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UV-integrator of any use?
Date:2013/7/3 16:18:46
UV-integrator of any use?
UV-integrator, also known as: UV joulemeter, UV radiation meter, as a measure of UV light intensity and the light of the accumulated amount of a photoelectric instrument is an important instrument to improve production efficiency, improve product curing quality as an important tool for the detection of data First, the current large-scale use in the industry.

Main purpose:
UV coating curing (uv ink, uv glue, uv varnish, uv resin, etc.) during the production and testing of the necessary equipment to facilitate curing to provide customers with accurate relative value parameters, this data is often reflected in the UV coatings for operating instructions, better control of curing aging ratio.

Industry Applications:
UV coating plant, PCB production, lighting manufacturers, furniture decoration, automobile manufacturing, shoemaking process, electronics factory, glass processing, precision optics, optical power plants and so on.

In the production process or the process used to guarantee the basic tools reference cured product: through the selection of UV energy and the measured parameters of the cured product, the practical experience, rather than the theoretical value, as the operational requirements, the exchange of classes or Substitution when recording timely information, you can strictly control the same product in curing process consistency, improve product yield, greatly save time and cost savings.

It may also be used to detect and reflect UV light intensity attenuation basis, while at the same aging and other conditions, if the value of the apparent UV energy attenuation, be sure to replace the UV lamp, in addition you can also use German UV-365A type UV light intensity meter to test the aging of the lamp is far more direct and effective, because UV lamp is a direct impact on the energy value of the key factors, especially for Valet processing nature of the enterprise, for the evaluation and control of the technical indicators and curing conditions consistent passenger side, passenger side reach quality requirements.
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