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Product Numbers: 201334141414

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Product description:Nitto KOHKI air chisel JEX-2800A low vibration pneumatic high-speed multi-needle beam blasting gun is particularly suitable for shipboard operations. Potent and stable peeling fully functional without the use of any springs, air driven by the unique design of the full completion of the reciprocating needle beam, which exert potent stable peeling operation.

JET CHISEL, even in a small place, it can be easily and quickly complete the stripping work.
Can be used in various fields, such as: the slag after welding Drop forging gravel shedding, the rough surface of the concrete, iron coating rust, etc..

The compact design is suitable for a variety of difficult operating conditions.
And JET CHISEL after years of use, it will not malfunction, maximize operational efficiency.

JET CHISEL needle beam uneven surface for the job, the removal of the workpiece surface per minute, 4,000 to 4,500 rpm high-speed reciprocating paid fixtures.
Particularly suitable for the job on the boat.
Potent and stable peeling function completely without using any spring, through the unique design of the whole air-driven, the completion of the reciprocating motion of the needle beam to exert its potent stable peeling operation.

Technical Specifications
Model: JEX-2800A low vibration.
Operating pressure: 0.6 (6) min-1 (rpm)
Air consumption (no load): 0.43 m3 / min
No load impact number: 4,500 min-1
Pin diameter and root: Ø2 x 180 (66 roots) or Ø3 x 180 (28 roots) or Ø4 x 180 (the root)
Hose Size: 3/8 inch
Net weight: 2.7kg
Standard accessories
needle beam Ø4mm x 180mm: 14 root needle beam Ø3mm x 180mm: 28 the root (installed in the machine)
needle beam sets Ø4mm: 1 the root
• Axis wheel PT3 / 8 x NPT3 / 8: 1 the root
hose connection PT3 / 8 x 3/8: 1 pieces
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