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TDS100 Moisture meter

Product Numbers: 201331161728

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Product description:TDS100 inductive moisture meter, TDS100 type instrument with a U.S. ASIC, ensuring high sensitivity and accuracy of moisture measurement. Even subtle changes in moisture content, the instrument can be reflected. Therefore, it is highly accurate moisture measuring instrument.

First, the operating
1, press the power button, the power is on display digital flashes stable in the range of 00.0 ± 0.3 (the gear selector in any one of the stalls). Boot about 40 seconds after the power shuts off automatically to prevent the battery in working condition for a long time. Boot off key at any time after shutdown, the battery for longer use time.
Tip: TDS100 instrument when the battery voltage (display LOBAT) can still work properly does not affect the measurement accuracy and extend the battery life of more than 30%. Until the display and digital display when replacing the battery.
2, when the boot, the LCD screen is not displayed in the range of 00.0 ± 0.3, you can not transfer zero. TDS100 instruments to measure the relative value, such as the instrument is powered display value zero, display the measurement value less boot is the correct moisture content of the analyte. Boot measurement displayed as a negative number plus boot displays the absolute value of the number of the correct moisture content measured object; displays the absolute value of the number of positive measures such as boot display shows the number of boot cuts is the analyte the correct moisture content.

Tip: When you boot, the LCD display can also be adjusted in the range of 00.0 ± 0.3 Zero. Remove the battery Keep the battery cover open, the inside of the battery compartment ten regulator clockwise to adjust the display value becomes larger, smaller counterclockwise tune display value.

3, due to the the TDS100 induction Moisture Moisture Meter penetration depth of the electromagnetic 60mm, so measuring material thickness of less than 60mm, you want to overlay measurements, superimposed on a thickness of not less than 60mm.

Second, the measurement
The TDS100 type instrument with ASIC in the United States, ensure high sensitivity and accuracy of moisture measurement. Even subtle changes in moisture content, the instrument can be reflected. Therefore, it is highly accurate moisture measurement instrumentation. In order to adapt to the measurement of the different kinds of density material, set the top of the Moisture Meter the five stalls selector switch, adjust the following stalls.

The stall air dry density
1 0.40--0.55g/cm ³
2 0.55--0.65g/cm ³
3 0.65-0.75g/cm ³
4 0.8--0.95g/cm ³
5 1.00-1.25g/cm ³
Instruments at the bottom level when you're on the detection of the material, the measured surface must be smooth, otherwise there will be a measurement error. Such as uneven moisture content of the substance to be detected in the measurement can be more measured at several points, and then calculate the average to obtain an average moisture content.

The instrument sensor inside the box at the bottom of the instrument (Built-in), dimensions: length 45mm, width 44mm. Therefore, the surface of the object to be detected is greater than the surface of the sensor.
2, around the test object can not have the other objects, such as iron, having a magnetic induction material. Otherwise, the measurement is not accurate.
3, the instrument electromagnetic wave penetration depth of 30mm, it is the thickness of the test object is less than 30mm, measurement To superimposed. Otherwise, it will affect the measurement results.

Third, the technical parameters:
1, the measuring range: 0 to 120%
Resolution: 0.1%
3: large 3 ½ LCD LCD
Electromagnetic wave scanning depth: 60mm
5 stall: 5-speed
6, power supply: 9V (6F22) battery a
7, the working environment: -5 ℃ to 50 ° C, relative humidity <80%
8, Size: 120mm × 62 mm × 27 mm
9 Weight: 180g

Fourth, the precise selection of stalls:
5 shift position selection switch, the first few pieces as possible to maintain the equilibrium moisture content of the test pieces were measured, respectively, write down the measurement results of the various stalls. Then dried counter weight method, the determination of the moisture content of the test piece. Determination of minimum deviation occurs corresponding drying balance weight selector switch which can be used as the future selection of the determination of the use of such substances.

V. warranty statement
1, since the purchase of this product from the date of the warranty is one year.
Man-made damage or unauthorized users disassemble no warranty.
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