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Rechargeable transmittance analyzer works
Date:2013/7/15 13:54:04
A: An Overview
Increasingly tense global energy, energy saving and environmental protection has been increasing emphasis on the community. Solar film as one of the materials in the automotive and energy-saving buildings used more and more extensively, in addition to energy savings, solar film having barrier ultraviolet light, explosion-proof, protection of privacy, and many other advantages make it a huge market.

Sunlight by a UV (200nm ~ 380nm), visible light (380nm ~ 760nm) and infrared (760nm ~ 2500nm) components. Ultraviolet light has serious harmful effects. UV radiation not only hurt human health, burn human skin and eyes, causing a variety of diseases; and led to leather, plastic parts and other aging fade, items affecting life. Infrared is the main source of heat, so that the need for blocking infrared and ultraviolet rays, blocking the higher the better, the transmittance is as low as possible. For visible light transmittance, it is necessary depending on the use environment and customers' personal preferences and other factors. As used in the automotive front windshield sun film, the higher the visible transmittance of sight as possible. Therefore, infrared, ultraviolet and visible light transmittance of these three indicators is to judge the quality of solar film is an important basis.

USB Rechargeable solar film transmittance meter test principle is the use of ultraviolet light source, visible light and infrared light irradiation test transparent material, sensors detect three kinds of light sources, respectively, and through the measured light intensity of the light transparent material after strong, the transmitted light intensity of the incident light is the transmission power ratio, expressed as a percentage. Most of the solar film, visible light transmittance marked targets, infrared and ultraviolet blocking rate index mark. Blocking rate = 100% - transmittance.

II: Operation
USB Rechargeable solar film transmittance measuring instrument is a precision measuring instrument Solar Films, Solar Films For professionals used to test the infrared, visible and ultraviolet light transmittance, but also can be used for measurement of transparent material such as glass. Measurement procedure is as follows:

1: Open the tester power switch. Retention Test tank is empty, the first instrument for self-testing and self-calibration, time is about 3 seconds. Since calibration is completed, the three monitor display value is "100", which means when the measured object without transmittance of 100%.

2: The material to be tested (solar film, foil or glass glass template) into the test tank. Three analytes are shown on the display infrared, visible and ultraviolet transmittance. UV transmittance measurement accuracy, the measurement resolution of 0.1%.

Three: Parameter
1: Dimensions: length 160mm × width 114mm × height 33mm
2: Test Tank Size: Width 33mm × depth 73 mm
3: Instrument Weight: about 500 grams
4: The resolution of the measurement of visible light is 1%, the resolution was 0.1% UV
5: infrared measurement center wavelength 950nm, the wavelength range (900nm-1800nm)
6: Built-in high-capacity battery, fully sustainable work 15 hours

Four: Features
1 infrared light with a wide spectrum, measured in the whole infrared reflecting film optical properties, the most significant feature of this measuring instrument.
(2) self-calibration function, boot automatically calibrated to 100% transmittance, no manual calibration;
3 exquisite aluminum casing, high brightness digital display, wide viewing angle, especially for shows, exhibitions in use.
4 simple, rapid, simply analyte into the test tank, immediately also shows three test results.
5 The device comes with a light source and sensors, measurement results from the external environment.
6 use of imported high-quality light sources and sensors, high precision.
7. Use of industrial grade chip and components, instruments and sustainable stable and reliable work.
8 shows the performance for solar film, factory shipments rapid test, buyers purchase inspection and other occasions.
9 built-in high-capacity battery, fully sustainable work 15 hours.

Five: Considerations
1. Switch on the instrument, the instrument first self-test and self-calibration, for about three seconds, then the need to ensure that the test tank without any items, or can not complete the self-calibration;
2. When the three windows of the data is displayed as 100, self-test and self-calibration is complete;
3. The analyte into the test slot analyte test tank as close to the left;
4. Three display windows on the measured object are shown ultraviolet, visible and infrared transmittance;
5. Instrument when not in use, turn off the power;
6. Normal charging indicator light is red, the battery is fully charged the light turns green;
7. Avoid contact with corrosive materials, away from the hot and humid environment.
8. Long continuous use, because the luminous efficiency of LED light source (LED light source temperature increases, the efficiency decreases) the reason may lead to three windows data can not be displayed as 100, then turn off the power to the instrument, to self-check and self- calibration, does not affect measurement accuracy and proper use

Six: Service
Thank you for purchasing our products, to ensure that your interests and enjoy the perfect service. The company is committed to the production of products, since the factory warranty for one year from the date, except artificial damage, please sent directly to vendors.
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