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Gloss meter uses
Date:2013/7/15 13:58:42
Gloss meter, also called gloss meter is used to measure the degree of surface gloss of the instrument.
Precision gloss meter angle gloss meter divided according to high gloss, medium gloss and low gloss three types.

Mainly used for:
1, automobiles, home appliances, musical instruments, furniture and other industries: paint, paint surface gloss measurement.
2, construction, decoration and other industries: flooring, marble, granite, tile surface gloss measurement.
3, printing, packaging and other industries: ink, paper surface gloss measurement.

Angle gloss meter mostly divided into the following, 20,45,60,75,85 and so on.
Different manufacturers, will produce a pair of angle or three angle gloss meter.
85 degrees for the low gloss meter, 20 degree gloss meter high, 75 degrees is mainly for testing the paper gloss, apply a maximum of 60 degrees of gloss gloss meter angle as a national standard.
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