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Car explosion film role!
Date:2013/7/18 9:23:30
Car explosion solar film (explosion-proof insulation paper) since entering China's auto beauty market, by industry and favored by the majority of Ai Juzu, its causes from the car explosion solar film excellent features.

1, cooling insulation, improved air conditioning performance.
This is the most important function of solar film, we have such an experience, put the car in the sun for a while, as in go into the sauna, while solar film car sunlight can weaken after overheating.
In the scorching summer sun film can make the air demand fell 60% in the same time keep the car cool, but also can reduce air conditioning consumption.
Car explosion solar film insulation rate can reach 50% -95%, effectively reducing automobile air conditioning use, save fuel and improve air conditioning efficiency.

2, UV protection against harmful ultraviolet rays
UV radiation has a bactericidal effect, but also has the human skin against the force, for the crew, the long ride, the human body is basically at a standstill, this time more love to the UV rays cause skin diseases, sun solar film can effectively block UV rays, protecting your skin.
Wavelength of 200-370mm (nm) bands of ultraviolet bands, it penetrating strong, you can reach the depths of human skin and cause skin hyperpigmentation, UV damage to the skin surely we all know that not only burns harmful UV rays skin, causing wrinkles, pigmentation, can also cause severe cataracts, skin cancer, etc., especially for the beauty of women, in order to maintain the supple skin in the summer, how can it ignore the time in the car? So: automotive film and green economy and a.

3, to prevent the glass cracking and fading Jushi
UV damage in addition to the owner of the skin, the sun can also cause long-term direct Jushi cracking and fading, so keeping your car interior solar film also extend its life role.

4, to create the best aesthetic.
When you envy grade imported cars when the beauty of glass colors, explosion-proof solar film makes this beauty in your car become a reality.

5, to improve anti-riot performance.
Car explosion solar film car accident can increase the level of security, making the car minimize the possibility of broken glass, the maximum to avoid accidents on the occupant injury.

6, to ensure privacy by car.
If you're concerned about privacy of people, sun solar film-way perspective of extraordinary vision for your denial.
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