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How to buy a car explosion-proof membrane?
Date:2013/7/18 9:26:05
When we buy cars at car explosion-proof membrane, to consider its clarity and transparency, heat resistance, explosion-proof, UV blocking rate.
From the material analysis, proof membrane in metal plating base film, and the general proof membrane is on the base film coated with a layer color, but also some ordinary proof membrane is coated aluminum, so there is a great reflective material difference.

First, choose proof film,
We must first consider its clarity and transparency, the clarity of high-quality film can be up to 90%, and regardless of the depth of color, transparency is very high, there will be hazy situation. In particular the front side window film window film, should be selected more than 85% light transmission is more appropriate. At this point the side window film without digging holes and does not affect the line of sight. When driving at night can be car headlights shining on the back of the strong glare rearview mirror reflecting weakened, so that the eyes are very comfortable. In addition, on a rainy night driving, reverse, turn around when you have to ensure a good line of sight.

Second, better insulation.
Heat rate is reflected insulation film insulation important indicator of performance, but also to identify the owner proof film quality is good or bad in the world. The general solar film insulation capacity is very limited, comparatively speaking proof membrane insulation rate of up to 80%. As the sun paper or curtains, and the body sheet metal, in the summer will absorb a lot of heat from the sun, and in the car gathered lingers. The good quality car explosion-proof membrane is able to reflect infrared, so the inside temperature is much lower, which in turn will reduce the air conditioning load, save fuel. When you purchase should pay special attention, because some films on the market only transparency, no heat rate. If the vehicle to determine, then, is very simple, as long as the film is affixed to a glass block the sun with a face or hands to feel its insulating effect on it.

Third, the explosion of the stronger.
Very soft feel inferior proof membrane, the lack of sufficient toughness, intolerance ultraviolet radiation, easy to aging brittle hair. And a good proof insulation film, because it is made of multilayer plastic glue, stick tension is very strong, they are able to greatly reduce the chance of glass breaking. The event will be stuck crushed glass broken glass, fragments not splash wounding. Replaced by general sun burst, mostly single-layer structure, so the proof is weak.

Fourth, ultraviolet UV blocking rate is higher.
According to reports, high-quality film, this indicator is generally not less than 98%, up to 99%. While the ordinary solar film is against ultraviolet radiation is very low, with only one-tenth of explosion-proof membrane. Therefore, both the pros and cons a glance. High UV blocking rate can effectively prevent the car were excessive ultraviolet radiation skin burns; also protects the car stereo is not bad sun. And many do not have this indicator poor quality film, or far less than 98% of the standard.

Five, the color should be comfortable.
In the dealers, we saw Automotive Window Film has many colors, pick up unable to start.
In color must consider three factors:
1, to choose lighter colors such as green, sky blue, gray, brown, natural color and so on, the eyes will be very comfortable and high-quality films are light in color and very insulated.
2, in the purchase, with the teeth nibble about film, if bitten place a transparent points, indicating adhesive film is colored rather than by bulk and sputtered metal coloring dye penetration method, the body is not the infiltration method This situation occurs.
3, is based on the body color and personal preferences to match colors.

Six, scratch-resistant layer of the membrane surface to have.
Membrane surface with a layer of high-quality anti-scratch layer, under normal use and can be easily scratched surface protective film, low-grade film is likely to be scratched, so the membrane surface is not clear.
During the installation process, to select clean foil studio, preferably with air-conditioned. If dusty environment will affect the glass cleaner, but also affect membrane viscosity.

Just installed after the film, within three days, car owners will not lift windows or water to clean vehicles, in order to avoid causing moisture is dry off.
As the weather and different metal materials, film and then dried with paste extent vary, the fast two days, the slowest 7-15 days, in some climates, automotive film or mist may appear like drops of water points, car owners will not fear is a normal phenomenon, it will slowly disappear.

Seven, cleaning and maintenance of the membrane surface
Stains appear on the membrane surface, the owners do not use chemical solvents to clean, it is best to use a wet towel with a clean, wet paper towel or cotton cloth with detergent.
Car owners will not for aesthetics, but some of the sucker or something sticky material adsorbed on the mucous membrane, so easily lead to membrane shedding.
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