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What is a UV curable inks?
Date:2013/7/19 9:06:56
UV Varnish is a transparent special coating, was also known as UV varnish.
Its role is to spray or roller on the substrate surface, and after the irradiation of UV light, so from a liquid into a solid, thus achieving rapid hardening the surface, the role of its scratch resistance, planning, and the surface looks shiny, beautiful, texture mellow.

1, UV Varnish normal temperature is 50-55 ℃, low temperature in winter when the required temperature using a UV varnish for water heating cycle to meet the design using viscosity viscosity, it is a good leveling and fast curing UV Varnish .
2, UV oil after UV light irradiation, the optimum temperature should be 50-60 ℃, because at this temperature fast curing UV varnish, strong adhesion after curing. In other words, not a temperature as low as possible under UV light. Some manufacturers in the winter cold factory glazing occurs when poor adhesion, leveling is not good, the main reason lies in this.
3, polishing machines should be placed in the sun can not be exposed directly to the location, or UV varnish in the sun's ultraviolet light curing the coating roller. If you can not avoid direct sunlight, it should use red and black curtains to block the sun's rays.
4, varnishing, UV Varnish when being scraped will have been printed in ink on the printing material to the coating machine, UV varnish, allowing the coating of the color. However, after the precipitate was filtered, these coatings can continue to use, do not throw it away.
5, with the development of technology, the current UV Varnish irritant has been greatly reduced. But polishing operation, the skin If you encounter UV varnish, or should wash off immediately with soap and water, otherwise there may be skin irritation, blistering.
6, UV varnish coating machine in accordance with the type of viscosity varies, according to the polishing machine models use special varnish. If the viscosity of UV varnish coating machine to reach the desired viscosity can be thinner or thickener plus withdrawal sticky sticky. However, after this adjustment, will lose UV varnish curing speed, brightness and adhesion, etc.

uv uv varnish coating with different other powerful features:
1, excellent adhesion. Detection by U.S. company 3M tape pull three times in the same place, it would not appear out UV coating conditions.
2, high gloss and high slip leveling. Using the world's best companies BYK additives produced by the company slip agents, UV machine is almost in a good mirror effect can be achieved with a fine film, feel good features, luster are 85 degrees or more.
3, curing speed. Sufficient energy in the UV machine premise, speed can reach 8000 sheets per hour or more efficient, saving time.
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