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UV printing curing common problems and solutions.
Date:2013/7/19 9:11:16
UV printing process common in some special technology and engineering problems, according to the industry of production experience, the company is now determined by the ratio Branch speed to answer your questions.

A, good gloss, brightness is not enough
Main reason
1, UV oil viscosity is too small, too thin coating
2, ethanol and other non-reactive solvent dilution over
3, uneven coating
4, the paper too absorbent
5, textured roller coating is too thin, insufficient fuel supply
Solution: Depending on the paper different situations appropriately raise the viscosity and UV varnish coating weight: Strong on absorbent paper can be coated with a layer of base oil.

Second, good drying, curing is not complete, tacky surface
Main reason
1, the UV intensity is not enough
2, UV lamp aging, the light intensity decreases (UV intensity meter can be used to test)
3, UV Varnish storage time is too long
4, does not participate in the reaction diluent by adding too much
5, the machine too fast
Workaround: curing speed is less than 0.5s in the case of high-pressure mercury lamp should ensure that the general power of not less than 120W/cm; lamp should be replaced, if necessary, a certain amount of UV varnish curing accelerator, accelerate drying.

Third, the printed surface UV varnish coating does not go up, blur
Main reason
1, UV Varnish viscosity is too small, too thin coating
2, the ink transfer ink oil or dry oil content is too high
3, the ink surface has crystallized
4, the surface of the ink release material (silicone oil, dusting) excessive
5, the network cable is too thin coating roller
6, the construction process of the problem (not professional technical personnel and technical)
The solution: products that require UV coating, printing, appropriate measures should be taken to create certain conditions: UV varnish coating thickness may be more appropriate, if necessary, on the base oil or varnish using a special formula.

Four, UV coating and coated with white spots
1, coating and thin
2, anilox coating is too thin
3, non-reactive diluents (e.g., ethanol) was added to an excess
4, the printed surface dust and other more
Solution: Keep surfaces clean production environment, and printed matter; increasing coating thickness; adding a small amount of smoothing additives: said release agent is preferably involved in the reaction of a reactive diluent.

Five, UV varnish coating uneven, striped and orange peel
Main reason
1, UV Varnish viscosity is too high
2, roller coating lines are too thick (coated excessive), the surface is not smooth
3, the coating uneven pressure
4, UV Varnish poor leveling
The solution: reduce varnish viscosity, reduced amount of coating; adjust the pressure evenly; coating roller should be finely ground polished; adding light leveling agent.

Six, UV Varnish poor adhesion
Main reason
1, printed ink surface crystallization
2, the printing ink additives inappropriate
3, UV varnish itself insufficient adhesion
4, light-curing conditions unfavorable
Solution: printing process should be considered in advance glazing conditions; in the printed products enhance adhesion of the coating on the base oil.

Seven, UV varnish thickens, there is the phenomenon of gel
Main reasons:
1, UV Varnish long storage time
2, UV Varnish not completely dark storage
3, UV Varnish storage temperature is high
Solution: Note that the effective use of UV varnish and strictly dark storage, storage temperature is 5 ~ 25 ℃ appropriate.

Eight, large residual odor
Main reasons:
1, UV curable varnish is not completely
2, insufficient ultraviolet or UV lamp aging
3, UV Varnish poor antioxidant interference
4, UV Varnish non-reactive diluent adding too much.
Solution: UV curable varnish must be thorough, and to enhance ventilation, if necessary, replace varnish varieties.
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