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UV offset technology and process characteristics
Date:2013/7/20 12:07:24
Gold and silver cardboard, cardboard packaging and printing laser commonly used in the past synthesis offset printing ink, this printing process using offset synthetic ink. Offset printing ink are of oxidized synthetic drying ink, oxidative drying takes time, there is a difficulty in the production drying process, the printing surface sticky flower, the auxiliary process is complicated loss, low productivity process shortcomings, in recent years through new technology, gold silver cardboard, laser jam toward the use of UV offset printing process, the printing process with its high efficiency, UV ink, UV varnish that India is dry, the process is simple outstanding technological features and popular use.

UV offset printing process requirements
Offset printing process requires the use of UV printing speed is high, printed in the printing process can not be stretching deformation to ensure the accuracy of multi-color overprint, the collection of paper rewinding speed automatic intelligent.
UV offset printing UV Equipment Technical Analysis

UV offset ink, UV varnish offset printing process requirements must be matched UV light curing machine or built-in UV light curing systems and other equipment, 10,000 / hour in low-speed offset UV light curing machine is usually used with offset presses and other equipment connected matching, the conventional UV light curing machine is usually used in the screen printing industry, the use of the core equipment of UV light, using a UV lamp is a common type of high temperature and low intensity UV light, the UV light emission, high temperature, curing speed is slow, such as to used to improve the speed of light solid high-power UV lamp, light temperature will be increased exponentially, printed by light heating temperature up to above 80 ℃, which results in gold and silver cardboard, laser heat jam stretching deformation, unable to adapt to UV offset printing process requirements, conventional UV light curing machine generally used in printed circuit boards, drying printing, printing process requirements low, multicolor overprint require a lower screen printing process, offset UV printing must be matched with intelligent automatic collection of paper, low speed UV light Solid machine drying equipment.

Process characteristics: UV offset printing technology is a new technology, the use of offset printing UV ink, UV varnish is environmentally friendly water-based inks, conventional offset inks are oil-based ink, the printing method there is a big difference, you need to master this kind of printing process Characteristics of UV printing printing technician to carry out the production, no UV offset printing professional printing technician is unable to engage in the production of UV offset printing.
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