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How to save the UV ink?
Date:2013/7/20 12:09:35
Using UV coating machine, you should pay attention to the following eight questions:
1) UV Varnish normal temperature is 50-55 ℃, low temperature in winter when the required temperature using a UV varnish for water heating cycle to meet the design using viscosity viscosity, it is a good leveling and fast curing UV Varnish .
2) UV varnish after UV light irradiation, the optimum temperature should be 50-60 ℃, because at this temperature fast curing UV varnish, strong adhesion after curing. In other words, the temperature is not below the UV lamp Rui Sente better. Especially in the winter cold factory glazing occurs when poor adhesion, leveling a bad situation, the main reason is that the end result curing temperature is too poor.
3) UV coating machine should not be placed in the sun to shine directly on location, or UV varnish in the sun's ultraviolet light curing the coating roller. If you can not avoid direct sunlight, it should use red and black curtains to block the sun's rays.
4) glazing is scrape the UV varnish, will be printed in ink on the printing material, and brought on a UV varnish coating machine, allowing the color of the varnish, after the precipitate was filtered, these light Oil can continue to be used.
5) UV Varnish photoinitiator, thinner on human skin have a stimulating effect. So, in polishing operation, the skin If you encounter UV varnish, wash immediately with soap and water, otherwise there may be skin irritation, blistering.
6) UV Varnish viscosity by Rui Sente using UV coating machine types vary, according to the polishing machine models use special varnish. If the viscosity of UV varnish coating machine to reach the desired viscosity can be thinner or thickener plus withdrawal sticky sticky. However, this adjustment will lose UV varnish curing speed, brightness and adhesion, etc., it is not recommended, try replacing the appropriate special varnish.
7) It should be noted frequent cleaning shaft. Because UV Varnish flows Rui Sente UV coater rotating part of the drive shaft at high temperatures will be glued to the shaft, affect the transmission.
8) Gold paper, PFT and other special printing materials according to their surface properties, the choice of a dedicated UV Varnish. Refer to Section 6.
Special Note: UV Varnish in the correct storage environment is a non-conjunctival material, after ultraviolet light, such as sunlight, arc welding, UV light curing immediately after irradiation. Generally used in the operating room fluorescent, incandescent lighting does not cause UV curable varnish.
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