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Irradiation with UV radiation What is the difference?
Date:2013/7/23 10:57:42
Here irradiated with radiation to make a difference: with a lamp to illuminate the walls, when the tube is moved away from the wall, the light radiation has not changed, but the wall irradiation reduced.
If you are not sure we are talking about reaching the surface of the lamp intensity or strength, it may cause confusion, accurate reflector can be used without increasing the lamp power input, an increase in the workpiece surface irradiation, UV energy is the most aggregated That point is where the highest point or peak irradiance.
The energy gathered in the reflector surface of the workpiece, which are not the focus of the light can reach the surface, but its effect of curing the ink as the focus of the light.
The illustrative reflector is an oval, which has about 75% of the energy collection performance (see the next question about the content of the reflector).
In other words, 75% of lamps emit energy will be collected and focused reflector.

We use a black, auto glass screen printing ink (It is difficult to cure is known) to do an interesting on depth of cure, as well as how it affects radiation cure depth presentation, with two lights to curable inks, which two lamps only a difference on the irradiation, a lamp light irradiation is another twice, once using the first light irradiation to achieve a depth of cure mil (mil).

Irradiated again and does not significantly increase the depth of cure. While other lamp can emit radiation twice, only one exposure depth of cure is reached before a light irradiation to a depth of two times, although the two are the same radiation dose, we should be clear of said radiation dose what is meant. Irradiation dose is multiplied by time, or accumulated energy, slow tape speed, the dose increased, the speed with speed, the dose is reduced.
If the ink is exposed to the longer time under the lamp, the ink surface of the received higher doses, but not the higher irradiation. (We will not only increase the dose found nothing to help, but harmful to the heat-sensitive substrates).

The second tube and then irradiated with a dose doubled but did not significantly increase the depth of cure.
Thus, we recognize that increasing the dose by multiple exposure to the ink does not reach the underlying cause photons penetrate photoinitiator effective way.
Depth of cure rather than the more popular peak radiation dose effects.
This fact has several practical significance, as we have noted, higher lamp output (not necessarily W / in a higher power), select the appropriate effective output wavelength UV lamp and the smaller diameter tubes can significantly enhanced radiation.
Repeated exposure, as well as multi-light irradiation reduces each belt speed can increase the dose, but no sense in increasing UV irradiation.
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