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How to improve the efficiency of UV-curable printing?
Date:2013/7/24 9:59:23

Processing industry in the printing and packaging, equipment maintenance and control of printer downtime to enhance corporate profits and increase the return on investment (ROI) for the purpose is very important.
This is mainly because most devices in the enterprise are in several shifts, stopping at an inappropriate time for several hours, it will cause greater damage.
Is there a solution to reduce printing equipment downtime, the answer is yes, UV curing technology is one of its solutions.
Increased UV curing and is a strange word, because the UV light curing is a very reliable and can be replaced by hot air dryers and other drying techniques curing technology, it is processed in the printing and packaging industry has been widely used.

The advantage of UV light-cured
UV curing technology has begun to reflect one of the main advantages of UV curing systems less initial capital investment, and hot air drying equipment investment compared to, UV curing system, the device can save 80% of the investment funds.
Other advantages of UV curing is to improve production efficiency, improve printing quality, so that printing diversification.

In addition, the most prominent advantages of UV curing undoubtedly not in the pressroom and surroundings emissions VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
UV light curing systems for maintenance and operation is simple, it is also an advantage of the UV light curing.
UV Curing System is an advanced technology, a start using it may feel UV light curing systems for maintenance and control of some complexity.
However, the actual situation, a set of UV curing systems operation and maintenance are simple, down-time optimization to a minimum, UV light curing system, easy maintenance, simple operation.

UV system maintenance is the key to a good work out a preventive maintenance program, and in accordance with the plan to maintain UV light curing systems.
This means that a comprehensive examination requires frequent UV curing systems, including a thorough inspection from top to bottom.
Check the events include UV lamps, lampshades and mirrors pad, and check mercury relays, capacitors and other electronic components.

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