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UV curing system how to maintain?
Date:2013/7/24 10:00:59

UV lamp UV system is the core of any set.
Proper maintenance and handling UV bulbs, not only can increase the UV lamp life, but also to ensure that the maximum luminous intensity UV lamp mode of operation.
Once a week to check the UV lamp, the main is to find whether the following adverse symptoms:
· UV lamp ends swell
· UV lamp ends curling
· UV lamp ends whitish
· Dust, debris deposited on the quartz glass,
· UV lamp end hair ink
If there in the first three, indicating the need for air-conditioning systems UV or water regulator (UV curing system cooling is not correct).
In addition, UV lamp is also necessary to take place properly and should not be holding a UV lamp glass itself, but can only hold the ceramic tip, or wear non-linen gloves, skin oils will adhere to the quartz glass on top, and after the under the action of heat, oil will burn.
    UV lamp, when you need access to the UV lamp, the contact can then be cleaned with an alcohol solvent can be removed by scrubbing UV lamp bulb grease.
UV lamp itself also needs a weekly cleaning and inspection, carefully check the UV Guangping spacious device, ensure that air can flow into the UV light curing systems at the same time to ensure that no excess UV light leak, air intake filters should be kept clean condition, no dust and debris stuck in

On its surface, if the UV light used in the curing process a quartz plate, the quartz plate should be cleaned periodically to ensure that the nature of the transmission of UV light is still valid.
A good UV lamp should be used air filters and valves working mechanism, this will enable the UV light curing systems can achieve maximum effectiveness and reliability, the filter should be clean and dust-free, so it will not be restricted airflow.
UV reflector inspection and maintenance is another simple way to ensure that UV light curing systems to maximize efficiency, for printing and finishing applications, UV reflector is mainly used to focus, and to enable printing to be cured in a drying maximum under UV light irradiation. Since

Reach 75% of the surface of India reflected UV light, UV light, so keep the pad clean is very important, when the finish mirror reflector is reduced to immediately replaced.
UV power supply device shape, size and structural arrangement are many. Most come with a power supply unit mercury relays transformers and capacitors, the purpose is to control the power output. UV light curing systems production plant to provide power output of more advanced technology, UV light curing system power supply

Will be able to provide unlimited variable output. PLC with the HMI provides a graphical interface to enable control and tracking UV curing systems work.

When you buy a UV light curing systems, it should consider the following factors:
· Can you plant maintenance personnel to easily deal with electronic components?
· Transformer is compatible?
· Electric box can cool as well as it is not a lot of filtered air?
Purchase of a UV curing system before considering the above problem, you can save time and money.
The above-mentioned use, maintenance, UV light curing systems work steps may sound cumbersome, but they are really a good way to save time. Spare an hour a week to do some preventive maintenance work, record maintenance logs, printing and finishing personnel who

Members will be able to make them UV light curing systems in top working condition, the equipment maintenance and repairs and downtime is reduced to a minimum. In order to facilitate troubleshooting, operation and maintenance of UV curing systems, UV light curing systems manufacturer will provide a control platform that can give users full control of computer operation.

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