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Ultraviolet radiation on the human body what harm?
Date:2013/7/25 14:11:46
Scientific knowledge
1OO ~ 400 nm spectral wavelength electromagnetic waves called ultraviolet light.
Ultraviolet wavelengths shorter the greater the harm to human skin, UV can pass through the dermis, medium can enter the dermis.
The sun is very strong ultraviolet radiation, the amount of ultraviolet radiation on human health, but excessive UV exposure will cause harm to the body, especially damage to the eyes.
In a production environment, all the object's temperature up to 1200 ℃ or more, ultraviolet radiation spectrum can occur. Welding, gas welding, electric furnace steelmaking and other operations, and the use of arc lamps, mercury lamps, flash, ultraviolet light disinfection, etc. can be exposed to UV radiation.

Harmful to human health
In the hot summer, the sun's ultraviolet radiation on the human body contained irradiation is difficult to avoid.
Excessive solar ultraviolet radiation on the human body's skin, eyes, immune system damage.
UV can damage human skin cells, causing wrinkles, pigmentation, skin aging is not the first, produces severe dermatitis and sunburn, or skin and mucous membranes of actinic keratosis, causing cancer.
Eyes are sensitive organs UV, ultraviolet light can cause damage to the lens is one of risk factors of senile cataract.
Ultraviolet radiation skin, can cause vasodilation, erythema, excessive exposure can produce diffuse erythema, and edema and the formation of small blisters, long-term exposure can dry skin, loss of elasticity and aging.
UV and coal tar, bitumen, paraffin simultaneously the skin, can cause photosensitive dermatitis.
UV exposure to the eyes, it can cause acute keratitis, often as a result of arc welding cause, it is called electric ophthalmia.

State of the environment
In recent years, a large number of chemicals that destroy the ozone layer in the atmosphere, destroy this road a natural barrier to protect human health.
The report shows that since 1979 the total amount of atmospheric ozone decline every year, in 20 years, 14% decrease in the ozone layer. While decreasing ozone per 1% of the incidence of skin cancer will increase by 3%.
Currently, Beijing Beijing Meteorological Bureau issued a UV index to help people properly prevent UV radiation.
Beijing Meteorological Bureau to remind people when UV rays are the weakest (0-2) when the human body without much impact, going to wear a sun hat; ultraviolet rays to reach 3 - level, in addition to wear a sun hat when going out things, need to prepare sunglasses and sunscreen on the body, in order to avoid skin by the sun

Radiation hazards; When the UV intensity reaches 5-6 grade, when they go out to walk in the shade; ultraviolet up to 7-9 grade, at 10:00 to 16:00 during this time it is best not to sunbathing on the beach venue ; When the UV index is greater than or equal to 10, should try to avoid going out,Because at this time have a very harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Protection work
Should be used to prevent UV damage automatic or semi-automatic welding, increasing with distance from the radiation source.
Some factories ultraviolet light source device applied to a large industrial production curing industry, good basic protection is still necessary.

Welders and their assistants must wear special protective masks or gloves, protective eyewear and appropriate, shall not have exposed skin.
Welders should use to move the screen enclosed work area, in order to avoid other types of personnel by ultraviolet radiation.
Harmful gases generated during welding and dust, local exhaust ventilation measures should be excluded.

In the scorching summer months, 10:00 to 15:00, the sun's ultraviolet intensity of the strongest, outdoor activities should be avoided during this time, in order to avoid ultraviolet radiation on the human body injury, even if it takes outdoor activities during this time, and do not Forget hold umbrellas, wear a hat or visor mirror, so that

There are regular manufacturers with skin pigment and sunscreen, and try a white or light-colored clothing to reduce ultraviolet radiation, causing unnecessary damage to the human body.

Benefits and Uses UV
Although ultraviolet excess cause harm to humans, but the healthy growth of the human body can not do without ultraviolet light.
Skin for 7 - dehydrocholesterol by light irradiation into vitamin D3, vitamin D3 in maintaining human intracellular calcium concentration, regulate calcium and phosphorus metabolism has important physiological functions.
In countries with insufficient sunshine, infant rickets and osteomalacia in adults, and the incidence of osteoporosis and more babies thrive without the right amount of sun, the body needs the right amount of ultraviolet light, so the right amount of sun light is still necessary The.
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