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Gloss meter works
Date:2013/7/26 9:38:48
Brief introduction
English: Gloss Meter also known gloss meter, metering device, the metering device, gloss meter, gloss meter, gloss meter, gloss tester, tester gloss, gloss and smoothness tester meter .

Is used to determine ceramics, paints, inks, plastics, marble, aluminum, metal and other materials, the surface gloss of the instrument.

According to the angle gloss meter precision into high gloss, medium gloss and low gloss three types, mostly by the angle can be divided into categories according to the angle: 45 degrees, 60 degrees, 75 degrees, 85 degrees, and some manufacturers can produce double angle or three angle gloss meter, 85 degrees for the low gloss meter, 20 degree gloss meter high, 60 degrees is the most used in the gloss meter.

Scientific principles
1: glossiness on a set of geometric surface of the material under the conditions specified reflected light to evaluate the ability of a physical quantity selected reflective properties with direction.
We usually say that the luster refers to the "specular gloss", so the gloss meter is sometimes also called "specular gloss meter."
Luster and mechanical processing industry, "finish" or "roughness" concept is completely different, which is a slight surface roughness of continuity.
Second: gloss meter measuring principle is shown below.
Instrument measuring head formed by the transmitter and receiver, the transmitter and the light from a lens Chi composition, it is produced only certain requirements of the incident beam.
A lens and a light receiver components, for receiving reflected back from the surface of the cone of the sample beam.

Measurement methods
Mirror gloss is a relative measurement of specular gloss, the reference standard is a refractive index np = 1.567 for black glass, assumed to be an ideal plane polished state, the nature of the plane of the mirror to reflect a light beam, and define the the gloss value 100.0 gloss units, gloss gloss value at board is divided into high, medium, and low, high gloss board consists of black optical glass or other materials made in gloss and low gloss board glazed ceramic plate is made of optical glass or matte black made using the principle of light reflection gloss meter to measure the gloss of the sample, namely: the required angle of incidence and provisions beam irradiating the sample under conditions to obtain a mirror reflection angle direction light, with the wave theory can be explained qualitatively number of optical properties of materials, can be derived according to the wave theory, the unit time through unit area of the incident light and the reflected light energy W W energy flow ratio between the incident ray and the normal angle (angle of incidence), the angle of refraction.

The surface luster directional nature of the selective reflection, reflected in different bright spots appear on the surface or form an overlap image of the object on the surface, the gloss is the object surface when irradiated by light reflectance of light, usually in the sample in the mirror ( regular reflection) direction relative to the standard reflectance of the surface is multiplied by 100 to indicate that the G = 100R / R. Complete with polished black glass plate as the reference standard, the sodium D ray refractive index of 1.568, for each geometric optics condition of specular gloss scaled to 105 gloss units.
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