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LED UV light source characteristics
Date:2013/7/29 22:45:10
UV LED light source and the conventional high pressure mercury lamp type curing apparatus differs
1, the traditional curing machine UV light generated brightness looks very bright, high in calories, in fact, its spectrum is very wide, truly a role in the effective UV curing only a part of the energy segment, a significant part in the visible section (stray light) and heat, the operator's eyes and serious damage to the workpiece is easy to thermal deformation.
2, UV LED spot light source to emit a high-purity 365nm monochromatic UV light, it belongs to the cold light source; workpiece temperature rose by only about 3 degrees, machined parts will not be deformed, its energy is highly concentrated in a valid role in curing a UV spectrum section, the practical effects of light intensity and a high-pressure mercury lamp 1000-2000mw curing effect comparable, the curing time is reduced to 0.5 to 5 seconds.

UV LED light source significantly reduce production costs
1, UV LED spot light body is small and lightweight, can be easily integrated into an automated assembly process, or as a complete desktop system.
2, UV LED illumination head through computer control, you can choose according to actual needs manual or automatic control operation, and set your own light irradiation time required (accurate to 0.01S) further support the needs of high-precision engagement, reduce human error time .
3, UV LED curing equipment almost no heat, not brittle, no mercury; maintenance costs low.
4, the use of UV LED luminous way, long life of 25,000 hours or more (continuous ignite life) energy-saving design, only needs to be exposed when lit, low power consumption, power: about 50W.
UV LED is equipped with a special condenser lens assembly also makes it highly concentrated in the energy curing point, to enhance the efficiency of curing can be 4 (four each device can be mounted LED tube) into irradiated with increasing area.
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