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How to properly use pneumatic tools?
Date:2013/8/2 11:28:15
Common Brands
Japan's Nitto KOHKI, Shinano pneumatic tools, Bosch, U.S. CP pneumatic tools, Ingersoll Rand pneumatic tools, etc.

Product Features
Pneumatic tools during use may cause reaction torque, making the operator's body in a state of tension, affecting the body's balance, can pinch fingers.
Therefore, especially in the use of multi-axle lock nut attached equipment, screwdrivers, ratchet wrench, bevel wrench, rotor, tapping machine, pipe beveling machines and other equipment to be especially careful of adverse reaction torque to take preventive measures.

1 diamond dressing tools in place to clamp head, be careful not to bump into the wheel surface.
(2) can not be a single point diamond dressing tool head vertically aligned wheel center, which normally takes tilted 10-15 °.
3 heat dressing tools can not be "quenched" (refers to sudden cold). In the dry dressing must be kept trimmed twice the interval sufficient to heat the dressing tool cooling.
4 wheel surface can not be assumed to have ideal flat. When trimming the beginning to find the highest point of the wheel position for trimming.
5, if possible, in addition to the amount of each wheel of the repair, the radius of the wheel must not exceed 0.001 inch repair addition amount is too large diamond dressing tool head can cause premature wear and frequently broken.
6 but not every repair except small margin. For old or rigidity of the machine may not be used for dressing grinding wheels.
7 Note that trimming can not stay at one position for too long, this will enable the polishing wheel surface, heat generation and damage of diamond dressing tools, dressing tools rotated at least once a day.
8 can not continue to use worn or damaged dresser, it should be adjusted or replaced.
9 can not be selected when the rough trimmed too overhaul except volume and fast infeed speed, and then again when the finishing options in addition to the amount of minor repairs and slow infeed speed, this will quickly damage the diamond dressing tools, If possible, suggest rough trimming and finishing, select the same Kind of infeed speed.

Special attention
1 using the new dresser, before finishing the last feeding should exit. Many crisp diamond dressing tools, at the beginning of his contacts with the wheel, are easily damaged.
(2) in an inclined angle of 10-15 ° diamond dressing tool head mounted to point to the direction of rotation of the wheel.
3 securely installed or clamping dresser dressing tool, not the tool head hanging too long.
4 Where possible, try to use coolant. Throughout the finishing time, with coolant pouring dressing tool and the wheel contact point.
5 In the dressing beginning from the highest point of repair from the grinding wheel, usually the middle wheel.
6 Note that except for a slight amount of repair. In addition to the maximum depth of repair, except for tinkering 0.001 0.002 inches. Except for finishing 0.0005 0.001 inches.
7 Press the relevant manuals choose the right lateral quickness. The slower moving laterally (in the allowable range), the lower surface roughness obtained wheel.
8 must be within the specified time interval for dressing the grinding wheel to prevent the wheel blunt, the grinding force increases.
9 at predetermined intervals, the toolholder the dressing tool rotating 1/8 turn, to ensure that the dressing tool is always sharp.
10 When the diamond dresser or tool head blunt or obvious change in peacetime, should be timely adjusted and replaced.
11 According to the diameter of the wheel, the amount of a reasonable choice of diamond CARAT (pure diamond content), the larger wheel diameter, the larger the value of the selected CARAT diamond.
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