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UV-integrator calculation method
Date:2013/8/3 11:21:18
Now a lot of UV equipment manufacturers or the use of UV equipment manufacturers are using UV machine UV energy meter test the energy value, it seems very simple instrument, but UV energy meter test is how to calculate the value of it? So I'll do a detailed introduction to this end.

First, from the supplier to obtain the lamp tube some relevant parameters, including: Lamp linear power W / cm, lamp light length cm, lamp power W or KW-lamp evaluation whether the indicators used, depending on the lamp caliber. Then calculate the light intensity mW / cm * cm. Formulas for the lamp linear power W / cm * cm * Effective length lamp emitting UV spectrum 17% * 10% / 12cm * Length cm lamp light results calculated in units of: mW / cm * cm.

Next, calculate the product exposure time, depending on the lamp emission mode, press the lamp straight up the length of the actual emission calculation, unit cm, (single tube), divided by the machine speed (cm / s, s), placed horizontally at 12cm operator (single tube), calculated as above, if several lamps emissions, then the total time taken. Finally calculate the amount of UV exposure = light intensity mW / cm * cm * Time s (seconds), the calculated result is: mj/cm2. UV detection is now the usual method is to test the peak intensity UV lamp working peak value, the unit is: w / cm * cm or mw / cm * cm, and UV energy density - the exposure, the unit J / cm * cm or mj / cm * cm, the peak intensity lamp UV rays reflected focusing and attenuation conditions, to evaluate the suitability of the lamp, UV exposure (J / cm * cm) is the parameter of interest, is essential for curing the coating, In many cases the coating will be calibrated basic energy requirements, that is a good coating formulation exposure time setting range, the belt type UV machine speed can be adjusted to control the amount of UV exposure, and for the UV lamp reflectors, can be Exposure time compensation or the right UV lamp UV intensity can be adjusted to achieve the required amount of exposure.

Strictly speaking, usually on the basis of industrial applications will be divided into four bands of UV rays, UVA, UVB, UVC, UVV, each band UV energy meter manufacturers on the definition of nuances, UVA (320-390nm), UVB (280 - 320nm), UVC (250-260nm), UVV (395-445nm), a variety of different spectral distribution of the lamp usually UV energy in the choice of timing, we must first understand that you are concerned about what a UV wavelength region, and then make a choice the corresponding single-band UV energy meter such as the U.S. EIT (UV ICURE PLUS), of course, if you need more information, or to switch to a different coating applications often choose four-band UV energy meter U.S. EIT (UV POWER PUCK).
As we all know, in ensuring the premise of UV exposure, UV machine during the design, you can take Lamps mixed curing, curing Lamps can provide unique advantages, mix 4 different spectral lamps. For example, the first conveyor belt with a UVB lamp curing surface to prevent ozone, surface wrinkles, smooth surface. The second tube suitable UVA bulb, long wavelength can penetrate more effectively to achieve deep cure. This approach optimizes the coating reaction. UV light exposure amount of energy, but also by the object distance, the external supply voltage and current, the lamp quality, good lamp UV spectrum up to 25% effective, the normal state, the object distance 15cm to take down, this time from the factor of 0.1. Therefore, the formula is calculated from the data representation which falls UV exposure energy category, in order to get more accurate data, if necessary, need to be amended effective UV spectral parameters and the distance factor. However, the calculated data with good energy meter that measured values are not that much difference, a difference of about 10% of the city is also acceptable.

UV energy meter manufacturer to many, there are also domestic and imported, it can be said that different brands of energy meter measured data out there are differences between the individual models even the same brand are enormous differences, I am really eye drop. This time, the formula method to calculate the actual intensity of UV exposure plays an extremely important reference role in the market, generally produced in Germany UV energy meter measurement, brand: KUHNAST, UV-DESIGN, these two common brand, the United States The EIT, Japan ORC, domestic UV-BIKESU relatively reliable quality and some of these brands, I believe that it is worth recommending.
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