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UV-Integrator manufacturers
Date:2013/8/5 13:15:30
UV-Integrator manufacturers: Germany, in Japan, the United States produced, made in China, Taiwan, various brands, different models, details, see Introduction

UV-Integrator, also known as UV joulemeter, industrial coating is a common modern printing equipment.
As the technology matures development, many domestic and foreign manufacturers, the following are common related manufacturers:

China BIKESU: www.bikesu.com
China RUNWING: www.rw.com.cn
Hong KONG GOLDRICH: www.goldrich.com.hk

Germany KUHNAST: www.kuhnast.de
Germany UV-DESIGN: www.uv-design.de
Germany BELTRON: www.beltron.de
Germany HONLE: www.hoenle.cn

Japan ORC: www.orc.co.jp
Japan USHIO: www.ushio.co.jp
Japan HAMAMATSU: www.hamamatsu.com

Taiwan Ou Basi OPAS: www.opasuv.com
Taiwan Solar KUANGNENG: www.kuangneng.com.tw

U.S.A  EIT: www.eit.com
U.S.A  International Light: www.intl-lighttech.com
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