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Ordering methods
Date:2013/3/2 13:10:13
Order by:
1, pause online billing company Alibaba business cooperation opened Alipay online secured transactions, details, please consult the online technician, or the payment can not successfully charge the Paypal fee is 3%;
2, after the contract may be formal courier company delivery payment collection, more than 5,000 cargo can arrange delivery receipts;
The orders 5000 yuan contract must pay a 50% deposit before ordering, and pay the balance after the arrival of shipments;
4, check the customer, check the success of transfer before delivery, except cash checks;
5 in some areas, customers can cash on delivery products 2,000 yuan;
6, Guangdong Province, to customers outside the required payment and delivery;
Above is not exhaustive of the matters, until the order is confirmed, both parties signed the contract shall prevail!

Ordering process:
Customer Advisory →  quotations from suppliers to the parties to reach an agreement (signed a contract) → the client bank transfer / remittance → supplier shipments → complete the transaction

Remittance Information:
Account Name: Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of speed (public account basic account)
Bank: Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank Matthey Branch
Account number: 000097754186

Special note:
Section speed will try to provide you with the standard, comprehensive information, but the information may not appear responsibility for errors or omissions.
Product Image for reference only Please objetcts.
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