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BIKESU Ordering Information
Date:2013/3/2 13:12:18
A declaration of good faith:

   My customers and friends of the company for the country to provide mail-order service. Regardless of the goods ordered more with less, companies will express delivery, the goods will be sent directly to the user units or the hands of customers.

   Guangdong parts customers can also door-to-door.

   Courier companies have not opened the service areas, or in remote areas, we will by the post office EMS Speedpost shipments sent to the hands of the user to ensure that the goods in the shortest possible time!

   Courier costs are at our expense. (Dealer except)

Second, the payment information:

Account Name: Shenzhen the Biko-speed Technology Co., Ltd. (public accounts)
Bank: Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank Matthey Branch
Account number: 000097754186

Username: Dongxiong Wei (cash account)
Bank: Agricultural Bank of China Shenzhen Branch Matthey Branch
Account Number: 6228430120026330016

Third, payment banks flowing receipt Single:

   You remitted the payment, be sure to fill out the receipt information (company or unit to which the official seal), together with the remittance receipt FAX (0755-85278851) at the Division I
   After confirming your payment arrive, I will fill in the information for your fax delivery!
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