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ITALY KLORTNER Instrument Company
Date:2013/3/2 13:33:29

Italy Ke Lautner Instrument Company

The company after years of the KT-50 type moisture meter online promotion KLORTNER, now also launched KT-60 new products, under the banner of " all Italy grams Lautner " imported products, the product itself is no problem in fact, but the problem is that the value of the products, nearly 3000 yuan / Taiwan, but many factories still in the so-called imported brand instrument for.

Customers reflect g Lautner instrument company itself is a fake company does not exist, is itself a few small instrument company in Heilongjiang Harbin and Jiangsu Xinghua partnership "fabricated " out, the following proof:

" KLORTNER " the word has no meaning, but this is not important, important is the so-called " Italy Ke Lautner instrument company" in the online can not find, abroad also have no, this is strange, I went online to check the " KLORTNER.COM " was not registered domain name, open the site without any information finally, I to the site registered company whois ( domain name registration information ) information. That is registered in Shanghai: Registrant: hanyulin yudadz@163.com +86.2154486879 Shanghai Jiaotong University NO.88 RD. SANJIANG Shanghai, Shanghai, CN 200232

Baidu search for " yudadz@163.com " this mailbox, know which company;

Baidu search for " 021-54486879 " this number is: Shanghai million electronic Co. ltd.;

The WWW.KLORTNER.COM site is not open; WWW.KLORTNER.COM.CN opened the Harbin Yuda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd in Alibaba website, but careful people will find that yudadz@163.com is Harbin Yuda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. ( www.yudadz.com ) of the mailbox, there are links that can make nothing of it.

You can according to KT-50 color specifications provided by the manufacturer to find the contact way, no one is real, the mailbox is not to call out, no one answered, what does this mean?

The quality of the products will not say, simple internal structure, appearance crudely made, no body, and product information, domestic water apparatus as well as they say ( about 500 yuan ).

Many businesses tell customers how to distinguish KT-50 true and false, it is really funny, so to speak, there may be a company G Lautner instrument company of this world, but what products do not know, because I in Baidu and Google are not check information, recommends that users see a look, don't be deceived, imported products better, but many are produced in China, to give money to the businessman is really a pity.

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