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How to protect the UV energy meter?
Date:2013/3/31 8:54:38

As we all know, UV energy meter of this product is a relatively expensive precision instruments, so the price is quite high, price from 1500-10000 yuan, such as the United States EIT price reached 30000 yuan, so we usually have to be careful with care, strictly according to UV energy meter method product specification to use.

Contains various sectors of the hundreds of small and large companies in the speed than sales to customers, we are pleased to let them find and serve the customers, although Guangdong Province is relatively more, foreign customers have, so we for remote clients are generally used in packaging the most stringent protection good Shunfeng express safe, reliable, safe, fast, to the hands of customers, because the UV energy meter is the built-in battery, cannot be removed, sometimes some foreign customer delivery more trouble, but in Europe, North America customers is relatively small, most of the countries in Southeast asia.

Some time ago a Philippines customers in our website to see a KUHNAST UV-365A UV intensity meter, because the language of reason so it is not convenient to communicate, but finally with speed than the transaction, because the food is the number seven batteries, so we tell customers that after take out the battery with DHL delivery, evaluation of our company very good gives only less than a week to reach the customer, but the summary of again good service or better products to support.

There are many express company, in the domestic, Yuantong, Huitong, Shen Tong, rhyme and other common, still long bang, Azores, and other small Fast Company, if you want to send a UV energy meter to the customer, the other is not assured payment to you? Because there are too many cheaters, I also like to see goods to just give the money, this time can be used to express on behalf of the collection, especially in the Pearl River Delta region, tens to thousands of can, and is free of charge, it is convenient, but also happened before some unpleasant things, my company and a courier company payment collection for more than three years not produced, once the payment is more than 20000 people away, but the man finally did not know they did not, but the courier company finally put paragraph time back to my company, my company is mainly according to the flow of work, a single according to, including a UV energy meter collection amounted to five thousand yuan, to Guangzhou, the customer after know also scared into a cold sweat.

Go straight to the general customers get the goods, as long as pay attention to five: 80 degrees above the temperature (high external temperature allows for a shorter time) to prevent dust prevention, strong vibration, prevent the liquid, preventing strong magnetism, because the UV energy meter are precision instruments, sometimes customers accidentally fell in chemical liquid bad repair, almost equal to the scrap, but other issues speed than companies were able to complete repair processing, common parts can be, but the original authentic, recovery is not the old machine, so that customers can rest assured that the use of.

Special attention should be paid to the UV energy meter battery can be used in the end? The battery is a consumable, speed than sales of German UV-DESIGN and KUHNAST energy of battery is a lithium battery, usually 10000 hours or so, some customers to buy German UV-INT150 energy meter after five years to replace the battery, so the battery more durable, but some manufacturers because of cost and technology without the use of lithium battery power supply, but the domestic seven AAA batteries, although convenient replacement but not durable.

Based on my years of work experience, for your reference learning

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