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UV integrator Recruitment Agents
Date:2013/4/21 9:12:48
UV integrator regional agents across the country are invited to join
I hope you and I will work together to build a happy cooperation bridge! Ten years to ensure only high-end brand, adhere to quality! Honesty, innovation, mutual benefit and win-win!

I. Introduction
Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of speed Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional import UV energy meter, domestic production of UV energy agency based high-tech testing equipment manufacturer, has long been committed to product development and sales, established in 2007, its brand with UV -BIKESU, KUHNAST two brands, and now has a UV energy R & D, production, sales through-train service, is well-known UV energy meter industry leader.

Second, the brand introduced
Biko speed Corporation is KUHNAST (Kunasite) the sole agent in China, the German KUHNAST authorized agents engaged in sales and maintenance business, UV curing equipment with China's development and progress, in 2008 the company introduced a new UV-BIKESU brand products are mainly developed by the needle can be UV curing industry, such as: mobile phone manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, printing industry, automobile manufacturing.

Third, the agent qualification:
1, you can independently assume civil liability of the business units;
2, can provide users with the necessary technical services and consulting services;
3, submit copy of business license;
4, the team with the UV energy expertise, proficient sales techniques, and in the Company's filing;
5, has a good working conditions and customer service capabilities;
6, has the ability to UV energy meter have been effectively promoted in the local;
7, can help companies meet Biko speed companies marketing activities;
8, the need to deliver a certain sample placement fee, with the inventory you detailed product performance, more convenient for the customer service.

Fourth, the product advantages:
1 resource monopolies: District located only exclusive agent of the Company;
2 large profit margins: By joining let you get rewarded space;
3. Market space: commercial development of the Internet network technology has become an inevitable trend;
4 Zero cost inputs: As long as you have sufficient financial wisdom and extraordinary crooks, nil deposit, you can become a fast Biko's partners;
5, strong support backing: Biko speed company for free technical support, the company directly and Biko speed zero docking.

V. Contact:
Biko speed the company's business, sincerely welcome you to call us: TUNG 13537690734
Details into the company's official website: www.bikesu.com


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