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UV integrator calibration service recycling services
Date:2013/5/9 21:38:39

UV energy meter calibration maintenance product recycling services
UV energy meter calibration services
In order to achieve ISO certification requirements, all UV instrument factory before use to go through third-party certification.
The Company is a new and old customers to provide the function of UV energy meter calibration and measurement and calibration
Function Calibration: make your product reach the manufacturers requirements for internal use
Calibration: Let the UV energy meter compared with national standards to obtain the relative correction factor.

Different UV energy meter brands
Imported UV energy meter, a common brand: KUHNAST, UV-DESIGN, EIT, BELTRON.
China-made high-quality UV energy meter, common brands: UV-BIKESU, UV-INT, etc.

Country in various regional service
PRD: Shenzhen UV energy meter, Guangzhou UV energy meter, energy meter UV Dongguan, Foshan and UV energy meter, Zhongshan UV energy meter,
Yangtze River Delta region: UV energy meter Suzhou, Jiangsu UV energy meter, Zhejiang UV energy meter, UV energy meter Shanghai, Kunshan UV energy meter,
Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan region: Beijing UV energy meter, UV energy meter Tianjin, Hebei UV energy meter, Tangshan UV energy meter, Shandong UV energy meter
Other regions: Hunan UV energy meter, Anhui UV energy meter, Hubei UV energy meter, Wuhan UV energy meter, Chengdu UV energy meter, Xi'an UV energy meter, Nanchang UV energy meter, Changsha UV energy meter.

UV energy meter repair services
Offers a variety of UV energy meter maintenance services: replace the UV energy meter screen, UV energy meter replacement batteries, replacement UV energy meter sensor calibration services free features, up to two years of free warranty service.

Used UV energy meter recovery
Recycling of used UV energy meter, Germany, the United States produced, made in Japan, English production, the Hong Kong production, made in China, the valuation could also be trade, German quality, professional services, so that customers leisurely.


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