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UV energy meter how to calibrate?
Date:2013/5/9 22:05:26
UV energy meter how to calibrate?
Our calibration is generally about a third party measurement and calibration, the instrument response to the indication signal or with its boot measured by other methods associated with the true value of the process. Usually in the specified conditions, UV measuring instrument for determining or measuring system measurements indicated the material measure or a reference material, or represents the magnitude of the corresponding reproduction from the standard relationship between the magnitude of a set of contrast operation, its purpose is determined by comparison with the standard measuring device showing the value of the correction coefficient is obtained, that simple point is to let customers know their instruments and national standards are not the same or how it differs, proofreading machine UV energy meter so that it accurately .

UV energy meter calibration may include the following steps: inspection, correction, reports, or through adjustments to eliminate UV energy meter to be compared in terms of the accuracy of any deviations.

Calibration range
Equipment is common, there are accuracy requirements, and have a clear impact on product quality instruments and equipment. Such instruments and equipment test cycle should in principle not exceed the maximum period prescribed test procedures, such as the work requires it may be appropriate to reduce the test project or only for part of the test, you can use the calibration, the calibration cycle assessment test may be extended. Can be divided into segments: Radio class of instruments, electromagnetic class of instruments, time and frequency class of instruments, the length class of instruments, mechanical class of instruments, thermal and chemical class of instruments category

Basic requirements calibration
Instrument calibration should meet the basic requirements:
(1) environmental conditions, such as calibration verification (calibration) chamber, the environmental conditions should meet the requirements of the laboratory temperature, humidity and so forth. Calibration as in the field, the environmental conditions in order to be able to meet the conditions for field use instrument shall prevail.
(2) the instrument as a standard instrument calibration error limit should be its calibration error limit of 1/3 to 1/10.
(3) personnel, although different from the calibration test, but the staff should also be calibrated by the effective assessment and obtain the appropriate certificate of competency issued only certified personnel before calibration certificate and calibration reports, and only such certificates and reports only be considered valid.

How should adopt UV energy meter calibration
In accordance with the definitions of terms and the actual content, I think the test should be used primarily with legal requirements of the occasion, no legal requirement for the occasion can be freely selected according to the conditions; calibration is mainly used for high accuracy requirements, or subject to conditions, you must use lower accuracy of measuring instruments where high measurement requirements; parity mainly used without verification procedures occasion of new products, special measuring equipment, or relatively less demanding accuracy measuring and testing instruments and tests used to test hardware or software. New products, special measuring instruments can also be used, although verification procedures, but do not need or can not fully meet the code requirements but to meet the requirements of the occasion.

In accordance with ISO9000 series of standards for quality certification and inspection system of measurement are recognized and measured daily work, the current understanding of these three methods and requirements are very confusing.
There are three main error prone:
First, the requirements of the new situation will generally set into test and management according to law;
Second, regardless of conditions, mechanically apply the relevant standards ISO words, you can not correspond with reality;
Three is to ignore the test, calibration, calibration differences, mutual alternative mix, in line with international standards, we should actively learn advanced experience of foreign countries, but also the courage to stick to their strengths. Specifically, check the strength of national regulations, should be legally compulsory certification of strong inspection methods, scope, developing countries should be based on timely adjustments; except for strong inspection should allow companies to take according to different needs and conditions of test, calibration , verify, test, compared to other forms.

In the current normal circumstances, should be the first choice of test and calibration, in order to facilitate the transition, when other forms must be used, they should make full use of existing test results and experiences of the existing test procedures, try to improve on the basis of the original procedure or modified only in the absence of regulations developed separately until the relevant documents. These forms should be systematically phased certain norms. Special attention should also practice in the use of the term, you should try to keep with the relevant standards or definitions of terms commonly agreed, consistent with the meaning and objective reality, in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding and confusion, to do this, you should first obtain the understanding and application of the relevant terminology consistency, and to solve the above problem, you not only need to measure the efforts of the majority, but also requires government departments to study and measure and adjust the relevant laws, regulations, policies, norms and macro guidance.

Based on my years of work experience, for your reference learning
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