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UV equipment in use precautions and maintenance
Date:2013/6/7 12:53:05
UV equipment in use precautions and maintenance
Now printing UV curing equipment used is generally divided into separate machines and printing machine interaction. Independent machine is a separate operation, self-contained, the printing press without operational impact, generally used with the printer dock, independent of the operating system, but the processing speed is relatively slow machine interaction. Printed linkage machine is integrated with the printing press, the UV lamps mounted to the press at the collection of paper color groups occasionally, the linkage unit can exactly match the speed of printing, but print quality has greatly improved the stability. From an efficiency perspective, the process is more economical. But regardless of UV curing machine independent or linked, their principles and the basic structure is the same.

UV equipment can be roughly divided into three parts:
1, UV lamp part;
2, ventilation or water cooling system;
3, the electrical control system. The use of which these three parts have certain methods and requirements.

1, UV lamp light source section
When using UV curing machine, UV lamp, UV light box is fragile. Initial installation should pay attention to several points: the lamp before installation to use alcohol to wipe clean, then put on clean gloves hold lamps. Mounting holes with a cloth mat lamp insert the tube, do not let the tube touch the metal end plates. Lamp after installation, Hold the head in the deck to put a few lamps to see whether it is a free state. It ends with jump amount, to prevent bursting phenomenon occurs when lighting. If hands sweat or dirt stuck to the lamp after ignition temperature carbonization, it will sintered quartz glass crystal, which would directly affect the curing effect, shorten lamp life. Tube side of a black color or black-belt, the band shines out from the UV light intensity will be attenuated. Affect the curing effect, so you can turn out the lamp at an angle, down to the transparent part can continue to use, so you can increase the service life of the UV lamp and reduce costs. Lamps after use in dry or drifting workshop have always wipe with ethanol. The UV lamps Reflector (i.e. lamp) is also critical, in general the optical level at the inner surface of the reflector processing, the use of glue will soil the surface roughness, reducing the reflection efficiency, it should also be maintained clean lamp reflector when the management system should be cleaned.
After a period of time, such as the reflector has been unable to clean up, if the active reflector lamp replacement is necessary. Some shade lampshade reflective inner surface layer is thrown with a polishing machine can not be replaced, it must be removed to re-polish the oxidation, or even replace, otherwise it will seriously affect the curing effect. Some lamps in use for some time but appears across blackening phenomenon difficult to start, not even light, even if not to the life, it should be replaced immediately, which is generally the lamp quality issues.
Generally linked with UV curing presses are shutter shade devices, that is, in the press platen and shutdown timely opening and closing shade, avoid downtime when printing UV light and heat directly on the printer or paper pieces , causing damage and press fires. So there is shutter shade UV curing equipment should check before lighting shade shutter, shutter shade check concept is working properly.
UV curing machine shutter transmission of electric (motor transfer) and pneumatic (air cylinder drive) are two pneumatic shutter failure rate relative to the electric is less, you can easily carry out manual testing and quick judgment point of failure. In the case of no power source is connected to the gas cylinder valve manual control manual button to manually open and close the shutter a few times lampshade. If failure should be resolved before you turn on the UV lamp. Electric shutter will have some trouble, you must first power-up, which has some security risks, do not turn on the lights in case you want to manually give the shutter motor power. Should be repeated several times to make shade shutter work, the risks excluded from the normal work before.

2, ventilation and water cooling system
As we all know, because the UV light is a high-temperature heat emitting body, for printing of fire prevention is an important issue, exhaust heat temperature drop is also very crucial. So for the UV lamp is cooling or water cooling and ventilation is essential. If the UV lamp cooling is not timely, bollards temperature continues to rise, if not promptly treated, ranging from burning lamps, heavy cause electrical short circuit, wounding or fire.
First of all that air cooling, UV light box with suction method to suck out the heat from the light box. But you can not use the hair, because cold air blowing UV lamp wall lamp will cause condensation of mercury or metal arc. UV light box fan to the length of suction pipe at the factory will fit fitness, best not to have when installing corner, but can not have 90 degrees below the detour, this will cause wind resistance temperature rise inside the box, but also the fan tens of percent lower exhaust pressure, with the result that the fan speed is reduced, light fixtures accumulated heat burn, even as the output power is not enough, the fan burned.
Blower outlet also has certain requirements. If the outlet is not directly on the air (indoor or outdoor air), but into another exhaust pipe, requiring total is greater than the amount of exhaust pipe fan flow, or total exhaust pipe exhaust not only can not afford to play the role of wind resistance but role, so that the heat did not break out. So after a good general ventilation in the installation can not be arbitrarily changed.
While water safety is better than air cooling, but not like the wind did not restricted by space cooling. Water cooling system components are also a lot more than the air cooling, the cost will increase. The point of failure is correspondingly increased recently. Cooling water temperature is best controlled at about 15 degrees, the water flow should be moderate, not too much. Also frequently observed in waterways without leakage, seepage points, refrigerator is normal to start, stop, there are no unusual sounds and the pump working condition.
Reveal any abnormalities should be promptly treated, or UV lamps also cause problems. However, these issues are also part of the control function controls can be added, such as: light box temperature controller, water flow switch, level switch and other components, which can effectively help us to detect faults in the work.

3, the electrical control system
UV equipment electrical control system in which the electrical control cabinet is complete equipment headquarters, inside the transformers, capacitors, etc. are indispensable devices. The set features some of the UV lamp switches are also mostly in the cabinet, so maintenance and use a good cabinet is also very crucial.
First, put on a clean cabinet less dusty place, temperature and humidity should be moderate, there must be sufficient space cooling and maintenance. UV lamp emitting principle is a gas discharge lamp in the start-up and maintenance of gas required for difficult voltage. UV lamp power is less than 1 kwh, are relying on ballast to match the trigger light work. When power is greater than 2 kwh UV lamp emitting UV light work required voltage is high, generally at 1000 volts or more. Do not open the cabinet door, to have a good grounding wire. Cabinet to the UV light box with high-pressure connection is, the wiring should be left floating away from the crowds have gone underground or make a solid cover to prevent leakage or short circuit occurs long stampede danger.
Corona wire inside the light box should regularly check to see whether the damage risks, if any, must be treated or replaced. Due not only to the high-voltage circuit have hurt people, but also the capacitor breakdown, and even lead to the transformer burned. The overhaul boxes and power lines must also be cut off power to prevent accidents.
When using UV curing equipment, try not to frequent switching UV light, half-power mode with the temporary shutdown. So for lamps, transformers, thermostat, water temperature and stop time in a good debugging try not to arbitrarily change, it is best to have the person responsible for the machine's continuity and optimum performance is assured.
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