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UV drying equipment selection and application
Date:2013/6/7 12:53:53
uv drying equipment selection and application
      Many types on the market today, many models of India after drying equipment, whether it is Ice, matte, or wrinkles, refraction, foam, dripping sperm, can provide you with the most suitable drying equipment to achieve your most satisfactory UV UV curing and drying effect.
1. If the items needed for the drying cylinder material or plastic round bottle, the bottle should be selected light curing device, this device is the use of wavelength 250/420 nm high-power ultraviolet light, so that the ink produces chemical crosslinking reflect, and to achieve a high standard of printing results. Adopts stepless speed control, can speed up or slow down the conveyor speed in order to achieve satisfactory drying effect.
2. If used for business cards, CD and other small objects cured, you can choose UV500w/II, UV2kw/II small desktop light curing equipment. The device according to the standard 80W/CM2 design, not only small size, beautiful appearance, advanced and reasonable, and low prices, curing speed of up to 15m/min, with excellent results.
3. IR infrared drying tunnel series, you can make all the need for heat-curable ink in the far-infrared radiation with a very short period of time to achieve cure.
      Also comes with plate, exposure machine, sticker machine dryer, and full-featured energy-efficient UV equipment, according to the different types of UV ink to match the selection of drying equipment.
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