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Car explosion-proof membrane selection method
Date:2013/7/22 13:08:27
Select car film from heat, transmittance and ultraviolet filtration rate three aspects into account, professional car explosion-proof membrane is made through a special process of high-tech products, a good proof membrane metal layer can be up to seven layers. For general products, light transmittance and heat rate is a contradiction, but some of the more well-known brand is insulated, transmittance and absorption of ultraviolet fronts simultaneously to achieve certain targets, and paste in the car not easy to change color and fall off. Although more expensive brands, but the quality is worth the money to buy the car good barrier film can heat up the car in direct sunlight, while also block UV and beautify the window color, explosion and so on.

Unlike ordinary car car explosion-proof membrane film, in terms of performance parameters should be marked on the three personality can play an important parameter. One: puncture strength, II: peel strength, the three tensile strength. Most products are not clearly indicate the product's three performance indicators, but also in the more publicity, but also in passing. Only emphasized how proof, how safe.

Quality features:
(1) light transmission and clarity
This is the car relating to the film for the most important properties of traffic safety. Windscreen film deposition method using the latest noble metal attached to the insulation film, insulation effect increased about twice the technology both ion pumping separate fuzzy substance makes triple front membrane definition, high-quality film the transmittance up to 90%, almost completely transparent, and regardless of the color depth, clarity are very high. especially the former camp Window Film Window film on both sides, should choose more than 70% light transmission and then more appropriate. Rear Window film without digging holes and do not affect vision. driving at night can come back again rearview mirror car headlights illuminated the strong glare reflecting weakened, so that the eyes comfortable. Moreover driving on a rainy night, reversing, U-turn also to ensure good line of sight.

(2) heat rate
The sun's spectrum, the main source of calories infrared, while good quality car explosion-proof membrane is able to reflect infrared, so the inside temperature is relatively lower. Hence reduce the air conditioning load, save fuel and some car film only transparency, no insulation rate, although the sun is not so harsh, but the temperature inside the car is still very high, so pay attention when in the selection of explosion-proof membrane insulation properties, which not only makes the quality evaluation of an insulation film the main criteria, but also determines the price level of the key.

(3) proof of
General car feel thin film material diaphragm weak, the lack of group No toughness, impatience ultraviolet radiation, easy to aging brittle hair, when the case of a collision or foreign objects accidentally hit, the diaphragm is very easy to break, you can not stick the glass prison together. rather good proof film polyester film made from a special substrate film itself has a strong toughness, and with a special pressure-sensitive adhesive, when the glass in case of accidental collision, no broken glass after coating cement will splash wounding. explosion-proof base film having three degrees of important performance parameters, tensile strength, peel strength, puncture strength. This parameter can be labeled with explosion-proof performance. As for the bullet-proof, explosion proof, explosion-proof degree is the size of that car glass film, the glass in what kind of state, to the extent not splash wounding.

(4) UV blocking rate
Although you do not see ultraviolet light, but it is harm to humans four well known, very easily lead to excessive ultraviolet instrument panel and other interior decoration accelerated aging, therefore, high-quality film to UV blocking rate of no less than 98 %, higher than 99%, while many do not have this standard poor quality film, or far less than 98% of the standard.

(5) scratch-resistant layer diaphragm
Quality surface layer of scratch-resistant layer diaphragm, under normal use and can be easily scratched surface protective film, low-grade film membrane surface is easily scratched so is not clear.
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