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UV intensity and energy relations
Date:2013/7/23 10:53:53
Any UV curing process is in accordance with the "Speed ...... energy" curve to run.
According to this curve, the rate and the energy into simple inverse relationship.
For example, if the speed is doubled, the energy absorbed by the surface halved.
UV curing technology curve will apply to a specific UV inks, substrates and fixtures.
As the speed increases, the energy is reduced, the surface energy received less and less, eventually will be insufficient for complete cure.
This energy absorption is a critical point of the curing of a window limit, the energy to run along the horizontal axis.
In many UV curing process, the energy density or irradiance itself even more important than the UV energy.
UV radiation intensity
UV intensity including the most important peaks of UV irradiance.
Because the distribution of radiation intensity lamps graphics primarily a function of certain shape, and unless the lamp is shifted focus, otherwise the function will remain unchanged.
Radiation intensity is measured in mW / cm or W / sq cm.
Radiation intensity of the electrical input power from the lamp, lamp efficacy, radiation output, the emission efficiency (by the geometry of the lamp, the lamp size and light focus of such decisions) and other factors.
Longwave and shortwave UV spectrum
Adding the UV lamp and a substance is sometimes referred to as "doping" or add-in lamps.
Was added and the material can also be evaporated to achieve the plasma state.
UV partly from mercury, in part from these additives.
It emits its characteristic wavelength of additive, the additive can change the output of the lamp.
In the range of 350 ~ 400nm output intensity, it is also short-wavelength ultraviolet light-emitting portion, but sometimes called UV "UVA" wavelength range is very effective (and sometimes into the UV wavelength "A", "B", and "C" three-band).
UV "A" often refers to the band 320 ~ 400nm or 300 ~ 450nm; UV "B" often refers to the band 280 ~ 320nm; UV "C" band means 200 ~ 280nm.
Because this classification is not very accurate, I prefer to use long-wave, medium wave and short wave to distinguish.
UV light of other substances added, it is still transmitting short, but not many, the range of 400 ~ 450nm in a very strong and very effective output, it can be designed in the long, medium or short with different UV intensity output lamps.
However, it can not be designed in all bands of the UV lamp is effective, but this is not what we want, because you can not activate the photoinitiators of UV energy band is invalid, the energy is wasted.
Select a specific main tube is that it can avoid being emitted ultraviolet absorbing material to be cured, but the wavelength can activate the photoinitiator.
Curing the white pigment
Titania distinctive UV absorption of titanium dioxide white pigment is typically used, it absorbs almost all of the ultraviolet light and reflects visible light, which makes it difficult to use ultraviolet light curable white, the white substance has a "window", about 400 ~ 430nm.
If we use the long wavelength of the V light, this light within this window is very effective, so we will be able to successfully cured white ink. This is why we spend a lot of space to explain the spectral distribution of the lamp UV curing material to absorb the reasons for phase-matching.
Focused UV curing many untangled mystery: the spectral distribution of the lamp output effect and equally important is the focal length of the lamp reflector effect.
At the moment, we have the lamp radiation emitted by the surface energy and the energy arriving separately, can instantly reach the surface of the light is called irradiation, irradiation often inaccurately called "strength."
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