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How to measure solar glass transmittance?
Date:2013/7/27 16:25:45
Solar photovoltaic glass from low-iron glass, solar cells, film, back glass, special metal wires and other components.
It is the solar cells through the film sealed in a low-iron glass and a glass in the middle of the back, is one of the most innovative high-tech glass products used in construction.
Low iron glass covering the solar cell chip to ensure more light transmittance, generate more electricity.
After treatment, low iron tempered glass has higher strength and can withstand greater pressure and a large temperature difference between day and night.

When PV modules installed in contact with the EVA film suede cover glass, to install the machine after a good test a professional to do the conversion component, and will be known patterned glass transmittance.
Beijing Water Cube transparent walls that are measured over each light transmittance.

The transmittance of the market many types of test equipment, instruments are mostly made using ordinary visible light pulses do testing, when the test can not penetrate the test material in matte, some will produce astigmatism, even test out there data error value is very low, not to production standard, if the use of such instruments would seriously mislead the production test.

At present, only the United States produced a light transmittance meter TM200 type test requirements can be achieved, the standard spectrum LED light source can be 550NM special milky PC or photovoltaic glass, frosted material.
But this product can not be tested haze, only measure the transmittance of materials, the needs of customers can reference.
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