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LED UV light source applications
Date:2013/7/29 22:52:12
Microelectronics industry
1, mobile phone component assembly (camera lens, earpiece, microphone, housing, LCD modules, touch screen coating, etc.)
2, the drive head assembly (gold wire fixed, bearings, coils, chip bonding, etc.)
3, DVD / digital camera (lens, the lens bonding, circuit board reinforcement)
4, motor and component assembly (wire coil fixed coil ends fixed, PTC / NTC element bonding, protecting the transformer core)
5, the semiconductor chips (moisture proof protective coating, wafer mask, wafer inspection pollution, UV exposure tape, wafer polishing checks)
6, the sensor production (gas sensors, photoelectric sensors, fiber optic sensors, photoelectric encoder, etc.)

PCB industry
1, the components (capacitors, inductors, various plug, screws, chips, etc.) fixed
2, moisture potting and core circuit, chip protection, anti-oxidation coating protection
3, the circuit board conformal (angle) coating
4, ground, fly line, coil fixed
5, wave soldering through-hole mask

Medical Devices
UV glue bonding the economic automated assembly of medical devices easier. UVLED now advanced light source system to a few seconds, an ultraviolet curing glue without solvent, and the dispensing system, the medical device to form a consistent and repeatable assembly process of bonding an effective and economical way. UV light source and control the optimization of the manufacturing of reliable medical devices is very important. Using UV curing glue provides many advantages, such as lower energy needs, saving curing time and location, to enhance productivity more easily automated. UV glue is generally used bonding and sealing of medical devices, these medical devices require very high quality and the best reliability.
UV glue curing Typical applications in the medical device assembly, such as the need bonding
1, different materials (or the mechanical properties are not the same).
2, the material is not thick enough, can not use the soldering method.
3, pre-production sub-components.

Optical Industry
1, the optical element assembly (lens group, prisms, optical engine assembly).
2, the image instrument assembly (microscopes, endoscopes, infrared instrument, night vision equipment, probes, etc.).

Optical communications industry
1, the passive device (WDM WDM, the array waveguide grating AWG, optical splitter SPLITTER, optical isolator ISOLATOR, coupler COUPLOR etc.), various structural bonding or potting glass packaging, small parts The fixation.
2, the active device (coaxial devices TOSA / ROSA / BOSA, VCSEL, laser collimator, etc.) especially FTTX low cost, small plastic package structure.
3, the optical fiber cable (outer coating, marking, adhesive, fiber optic gyroscopes).

Research and institutes
1, Polymer Chemistry (nano-coating, light-curable resin, a photosensitizer, a monomer, UV ink, etc.).
2, medical polymer materials (medical plastic, catheters), micro-organisms.
3, photochemical (photocatalysis, optical excitation, photosynthesis).
4, the semiconductor (light speed etching, cutting, uv tape, etc.).

Other Applications
1 UV analyzer, genetic engineering, molecular genetics, medical health, biological products, pharmaceutical research, health and epidemic prevention, dyes chemical, petrochemical, textile industry, the public security law enforcement departments, cultural relics and archeology department, where the need for fluorescence analysis Accredited sector can be used. Biochemistry, microbiology, gene, genetic, medical, catalysis, each channel using different wavelengths of ultraviolet LED, from 240nm to 410nm, each 5nm a step, to refine analysis, UV treatment, medical applications, such as: dental curing , vitiligo treatment, wound composite promotion and so on.
3, the standard light source, the LED emission spectrum is relatively simple, the same energy can be used as an effective standard light source
4, forensic light source with high power LED, can be issued from 365nm to 780nm consistent intensity of the colored light from the ultraviolet, violet, blue, green, cyan, yellow, orange, red, until each band infrared, can provide 12 bands light, and includes a white light.
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