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uv curing machine how to care?
Date:2013/7/31 14:31:04
UV light curing machine, also can be called UV curing machine (uv curing oven, curing machine), in simple terms, it is used for UV ink surface treatment machines. UV light curing machine is used for paper, PVC, plastic products using UV coating, printing ink layer after curing. Is more environmentally-friendly ink drying, high voltage transients can be excited in the UV lamp lit issued under the peak of around 360nm UV irradiation caused the ink on the ink layer acrylic resin crosslinking. UV printing process, UV printing ink drying treatment, UV ink printing ink manufacturing plant performance testing session, countertop work, suitable for small products curing UV inks cure for a variety of test and proofing.

Routine maintenance
1, clean surface dust, keep the body clean.
2, start the machine, check the fan motor is functioning properly, with or without abnormal noise, turn off the machine immediately notify any mechanic overhaul.
3, turn on the lights and check whether the UV lamps are lit, if there are not lit, informing mechanic overhaul.

Month maintenance
1, check the vents are blocked, and clean up the dust.
2, check the lamp current is normal, the line is aging.
3, check the fan motor is functioning properly, the motor speed is able to meet the job requirements.
4, the drive chain refueling, sprocket refueling.
5, UV lamp intensity whether it can meet work standards, the lamp is aging.
6, cleaning cavity dust.

Six months warranty
1, check the wiring and switches are normal.
2, the motor gearbox refueling.
3, less than 5 megohms insulation transformer, such as reach, the transformer must be re-dried.
4, reflector with a soft rag moistened alcohol wipe.
5, drive shafts, sprockets loose, two sprockets are vertical.
6, mesh belt tightness is appropriate.
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