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What is the purpose UV curing machine
Date:2013/7/31 14:40:05
Plane uv light curing machine, uv curing machine box, portable uv curing machine, uv curing machine touch, desktop uv curing machine and other species.

UV light curing machine advantages:
1, instant drying: drying time eliminating waiting, greatly reducing coating process time.
2, can be connected to roller or spray curtain coating machine, coating finished directly after drying, eliminating the handling of trouble.
3, coating the surface hardness, bright color.
4, the drying function: wood, plywood, furniture, steel, building materials, lenses, leather with UV paint coating after drying.

Offset Printing
Offset printing with its rich colors and fine craftsmanship are widely used as high-end print mainstream printing process, offset printing for print stretching deformation and adapt to high-efficiency high-speed printing with more stringent requirements, UV light solid machine supporting offset printing for print must reach the light Solid temperature should not exceed 50 ° C, it does not make prints stretching deformation, light curing speed must reach 8,000 / hour, supporting intelligent automatic closing automatic machine to adapt to high-speed offset printing requirements, conventional UV curing machine, UV lamps is a high-temperature low-intensity UV light, the light on the print temperature reaches 70 ° C solid to 90 ° C, UV light curing speed 4000 -5000 sheets / hour, such as increasing UV lamp power to achieve light curing speed, UV light curing temperature will be increased exponentially, offset printing can not achieve the stringent process requirements.

Dedicated high-speed low offset UV light curing machine, the use of imported high-intensity UV lamp temperature, low temperature and high intensity UV lamp is a light-emitting electrodes using a high-purity, filled with the exact proportion of glowing gas of high purity, high-end technology through the production of high-pressure mercury lamp , operating current, low temperature, high strength, compared with the same specifications conventional UV lamps emitting low temperature more than 40%, more than 100% higher luminous intensity, high temperature offset printing UV light curing machine supporting intelligent speed automatic closing machine for printing UV light Solid temperature controlled at 45 ° C, UV light curing speed of 9,000 / hour or more, in line with low-speed offset printing process conditions, widely used in cigarette packaging printing, color printing and packaging printing and other large printing industry.

Special printing
Widely used in screen printing, lithography, letterpress printing, self-adhesive trademark, metal nameplate, KT board, glass, ceramics, electronic components, single-sided printed circuit board substrate crystal ice, matte, crystal stones, colorful convex oil and special effects. Painting: the shiny wood surface coating, paper coating, vinyl, fiber optic cable surface coating. Instant dry, saving time, high production efficiency. India can achieve high surface gloss, abrasion, solvent effects. Conveyor belt stepless, and has anti-shift device to ensure smooth delivery.

Imported Teflon mesh belt, conveyor speed adjustable smooth, can be easily and production lines and other equipment connection. Independent control of each UV system, according to the production and open the tube. Using a special aluminum-magnesium alloy lamp, condenser design, high production efficiency. UV UV lamp operating current can be controlled by an external display hands, effectively grasp UV system working state. With reasonable cooling system, control the working chamber temperature causes deformation of the paper. Heat through heat system can be ruled out outdoors, while effectively protecting the production environment performance characteristics.
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