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UV filters scientific knowledge
Date:2013/8/1 17:09:45
Chinese name: filters, English name: filter means capable of attenuating the light intensity, spectral composition change or limit the vibration plane of the optical parts. Radiation can be used to select the desired band optical device, a common filter, that is there is no filter to make objects become brighter image, because all filters will absorb certain wavelengths, so that the object become darker.

Color filter
This is a variety of colors glass or gelatine, its transmission bandwidth of several hundred angstroms, is used in broadband photometry or in a stellar spectrograph in order to isolate overlapping spectral class times. Its main feature is a large size can be done. Laser Line Filters
Membrane filters are generally funded through longer wavelengths, mostly used infrared filters. The latter is based on a chip.

Standard filter group
Plastic or glass filters are added dyes made of special, only allow red light through the red filter, and so on. Original transmittance glass and air almost all colored light to pass through, it is transparent, but dyed with the dye, the molecular structure changes, the refractive index changes, the adoption of certain shade had changed. Such as a bouquet of white light through a blue filter, injection of a bunch of blue and green, red rare, most are filters absorbed.

Effects filters play a great role, is widely used in the photography world, a number of photographers shooting landscapes, why Lord King always so prominent, how do? It uses a filter, for example, you want to use the camera starting a yellow background is the blue sky, green leaves, according to the usual beat, you can not highlight the "yellow" as the theme, the image is not enough because the yellow highlight. However, if you put in front of the camera with a yellow filter, blocking part of the issue of green leaves, blue sky and the blue glow, and let a lot of yellow yellow light emitted through, so it is very obvious yellow, highlighting the "yellow" this theme.

Product Features
Its main feature is a large size can be done. Membrane filters, typically through longer wavelengths, mostly used infrared filters. The latter is a film base, are alternately formed by vacuum deposition method has a high refractive index and thickness of the low refractive index metal - dielectric - metal film, dielectric film or the whole, constitute a low times, the multi-stage series solid Method Bristol - Perot interferometer. ﹑ Film thickness of the material of choice in series, the center wavelength and the desired transmission bandwidth of λ determined. Arbitrary wavelengths from ultraviolet to infrared wavelengths, λ 1 to 500 angstroms various interference filters, metal - dielectric film filter peak transmittance as all-dielectric film is high, but the latter issue secondary peak and sidebands more serious, there is a thin-film interference filters in round or elongated variable interference filter, suitable for space astronomy measurements.

In addition, there is a color filter, it is swept with the incident angle of 45 ° placed at high and uniform reflection and transmittance of the beam splitter is perpendicular to the two different colors of light, suitable for multi-channel multi- color photometry, interference filters generally require vertical incidence, the incident angle increases, the short direction, this feature can be used in a range of the center wavelength alignment. Because, λ and peak transmittance with temperature and time are significant changes, the use of narrowband filter must be very careful, due to the large size is difficult to obtain a uniform film, interference filters are generally less than 50 mm in diameter, was Flatten method was used to obtain large to 38 cm square interference filter, installed in the UK Schmidt telescope diameter of 1.2 meters, and a large area of the nebula for shooting monochrome images.

Synchronization function
The technology can control cameras, infrared lights, filters, color to black salvo. Stability with automatic positioning and anti-shake function, the light at the zero bound, it does not produce flicker. Fast switching step, will not come to a halt halfway stuck due to resistance, resulting filter offset. Not due to head rotation, stop filters and other changes and vibrations caused by the shift. No longer high-speed switching, rebounded due to collision, resulting in filter position positioning is not accurate. Restore the image color filter crystal filter to maximize solve pseudo-color, color drift and other issues. On the increase in the crystal AR-COOTRMG severe membrane, which can reach 98% light penetration. Switch to the crystal filter state during the day can be a good sense of visible light, infrared, and other light to prevent interference is colorful and vivid, night switch to a filter coated with a transparent film, can reach 100% light penetration . Sensing infrared camera more, and most of the wavelengths of light to pass through, while the camera color to black, so the IR distance farther and more clearly.

Product Categories
Filter products by spectral bands, spectral characteristics, the film material, the application features, etc. classification.
1, the spectral bands: UV filter, visible filter, infrared filter;
2, the spectral characteristics: Bandpass filter, cut-off filter, dichroic filter, neutral density filter, reflection filter;
3, the film material: soft membrane filters, filter subdural, epidural filters not only refers to the film hardness is more important is its laser damage threshold, so it is widely used in laser systems are soft surface Membrane filters are mainly used for biochemical analyzer which;
4, a band-pass: selected band pass light off light outside the pass band. Its main center wavelength optical indicators (CWL), half-bandwidth (FWHM). Divided into narrowband and broadband. Such as narrow-band filter 808;
5, shortwave pass type (also known as low-wave-pass): Short to selected wavelengths of light through, longer than the cutoff wavelength of light, such as infrared cut filter;
6, Longpass type (also known as high waves pass): longer than the selected wavelengths of light through, shorter than the wavelength of light cut, such as infrared transmitting filter.
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