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UV150 and UV140 UV-integrator What's the difference?
Date:2013/8/9 14:19:25
German imports of UV-DESIGN under the same brand UV-INT150 with UV-INT140 very different, especially the appearance and price varies greatly, described in detail below under two different products。

Main aspects:
Size: UV150 a diameter of 90mm, UV140 diameter 140mm,
Weight: UV150 weight about 150g, UV140 weight about 450 grams
Sensor: UV150 is a small hole sensor, temperature is only 70 degrees, UV140 sensor temperature of 120 degrees for 20 seconds.
Price: imported 150 to only 140 energy meter energy meter at half price.

UV150 details:
Dimensions: Diameter: 90mm, height: 12mm
Power: 3.6V lithium battery
Weight: about 150 g aluminum housing
Sensor: common type photoelectric sensors
Power consumption: about use of about 5,000 hours
Power supply: 3.6V lithium battery
Spectral range :250-410nm (center wavelength 365nm)
Test range :0-5, 000mw/cm2
Displayed value :0-999, 999mj/cm2 LCD
Working temperature: 45 ℃ in the conveyor belt 110 ℃ less than 10 seconds

UV140 details:
Dimensions: Diameter 140 mm height 13 mm
Power: 3.6V lithium battery
Weight: about 450g
Power consumption: about 10,000 hours
Sensing device: high temperature resistant silicon light sensor dedicated
Measuring range :250-410nm (center wavelength 365nm)
Measuring range :0-5, 000mW/cm2
Energy display :0-999, 999mj/cm2 LCD
Operating temperature: 0 ~ 70 ℃ (when used within a temperature at 70 ℃, the maximum temperature 120 ℃ less than 20 seconds)
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