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UV-integrator use
Date:2013/8/18 11:27:14
The use of the German UV-INT150/140
Ready for the UV energy meter switch to the right of the open position that is "ON" position, this time, the display will show numbers "0" mj/cm2 (mJ / cm).
Ready to measure the UV energy meter sensor for ultraviolet UV light incident on the mouth in order to ensure effective exposure to the ultraviolet light receiving surface.
When the instrument is used in a certain period of time after the light source has been recorded as sensed UV ultraviolet energy,
At this time the front of the display from the instrument to read the energy value of the energy value corresponding to the unit are: mj/cm2 (mJ / cm).
Conducting a new survey work, based on the need to meter off, then on again for repeat tests.
Display value is reset to "0" mj/cm2 (mJ / cm).

U.S. EIT single / quad to use:
After properly installing the battery and hold "ON" button for three seconds, with the product information and access to records, and then automatically entered into the last test results.
Values will be included with the UV light intensity UV energy are shown, if you want to start a new test then press the "ON" key.
System testing and then placed in the instrument to measure the UV light source device below, measured after the press "ON" button to view the data.
Repeat the test method, press "NO" key for 5 seconds off.

ORC UV-351 capsule use:
First, press the OFF / NO key to boot into test selection interface, select the test results,
UV-351 sensor and the screen in one direction, so pay attention to protect the screen not to be high-temperature baking or bad,
After measuring a set of data you can press the key to open the data displayed on the screen above, such as: 800MJ/CM2 or 30MW/CM2 Or is the temperature data.
Users can freely choose, simple and convenient to get UV machine data.

When they use anti-high temperature (allow a shorter time high external temperature) dustproof, shockproof, waterproof, antimagnetic.
UV energy meter is a single instrument measurement data set as the standard, is not used to compare other similar instrument,
Due to UV energy meter is a unit of measurement: MJ (mJ), the normal acceptable fluctuation range: + / -10%, partial UV energy meter error of about 30%,
Many users do not know this, press the other products measured data for comparison, such a comparison is meaningless, the user is sent to professional equipment testing and inspection agency verification.

In addition, there are several causes numerical differences:
1, UV light source position is not the same as the distribution, UV energy meter data have accumulated much of the difference;
2, UV energy meter measurements at different times, UV values are cumulative out;
3, retest the gap is too short, the internal sensor data is not zero;
4, the instrument and the spectral range of different wavelengths;
5, the instrument factory calibration cardinality;

Others use different brands of UV energy meter in use are similar to factory methods prevail.
More detailed information please contact the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Super ask.
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