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UVC disinfection application features
Date:2013/8/29 9:22:54
The principle of UVC
Spectrum : UVC band spectral wavelength 100 ~ 280nm, also called short-wave ultraviolet light sterilization .
Features : Its ability to penetrate the weakest , most impenetrable transparent glass and plastic , contains UV sunlight is almost completely absorbed by the ozone layer .
Hazard: shortwave ultraviolet radiation on the human body great harm , short time exposure can cause skin burns , long-term or high-intensity radiation can also cause skin cancer.

UVC efficient sterilization
UV on bacteria, viruses , sterilization is generally completed within one second , while the traditional chlorine and ozone , the effect of ultraviolet radiation to reach normally takes 20-1 minutes time .

Broad spectrum of applications
UV disinfection technology in all current technologies , broad-spectrum sterilization is the highest. Its almost all bacteria , viruses can efficiently kill .
365 days a year , 24 hours a day continuous operation. In addition to regular need one or two hours of routine maintenance, the optimal operating conditions are 24 hours of continuous operation.
In all current technologies , there is no one like UV technology, with such a wide range of applications.
It can not only disinfect water, sea water can be disinfected ; Not only can sterilize drinking water, wastewater can be disinfected .
It can be widely applied in various fields necessary for water disinfection .
For example: farming freshwater, seawater disinfection, shellfish purification, agricultural processing water , purified drinking water , electronics, pharmaceuticals , bio- industrial ultrapure water , drinks , beer and food processing , etc.

Operation and maintenance is simple , low cost, no secondary pollution
Since the nineties perfect core technology for UV , ultraviolet disinfection technology not only means of disinfection disinfection efficiency is the highest of all , and its simple operation and maintenance , low operating costs, up to 4% or less per ton of water .
In tonnes of water level, its cost is only chlorinated 1 / 2 , is the chlorination dechlorination disinfection 2 / 5, more ozone disinfection costs only 1/ 9 .
Even in one hundred thousand tons capacity levels , ultraviolet disinfection equipment investment and running costs are far lower than other disinfection technologies.
Because UV disinfection technology does not add any chemicals, water and so it will not cause secondary pollution of the surrounding environment .
Therefore , its price is the highest of all sterilization technique . It can not be compared with other disinfection technology for high efficiency , but also has low cost and operating cost advantages.
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