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How to detect UV germicidal lamp radiation intensity ?
Date:2013/9/8 7:58:37
    With UV germicidal technology popularization and application of knowledge , UV germicidal lamp and UV sterilizer gradually emerged in many markets , ordinary life can often see . Especially used for sterile hospital room air disinfection. UV disinfection technology to use , you must ensure sufficient UV radiation intensity, that require the use of UV radiation meter to measure .
But a lot of UV germicidal lamp UV light source using the unit ignores the size of the radiation intensity ( ie, the effective spatial extent ) , but only consider the surface area calculated irradiation , UV radiation intensity is lower, the worse the bactericidal effect , strength of less than 70uW / cm2 , even when irradiated 60min, the sterilization rate on sterilization spores can not meet the eligibility requirements.
UV light radiation dose increases with the irradiation intensity when the same dose , the bactericidal effect of different irradiation intensity similar to , the technical specification sterilization , disinfection lamp for UV radiation strength of not less than 70uW/cm2. Unknown or disinfecting objects in a new lamp radiation intensity is not less than 100uW/cm2. The UV lamp radiation intensity by the voltage , temperature / humidity, illumination angle and other effects , but also pay attention to cleaning and lamp life , prolonged use of UV lamp radiation intensity will gradually diminish. So the use of UV radiation detector ( also called UV radiation meter ) is necessary .
Of UV light 70uw/cm2 (1m distance ) accounted for almost 50-80% of those in control of the Ministry of Health disinfection technical specifications requirements , less than 50% pass rate . Some units use UV germicidal lamp radiation intensity is less than 70uw/cm2 (1m Office ) . Some even less than 40uw/cm2 still in use.
Each has its specific microbe killing UV dose threshold. Fungicides quantity (K) is the radiation intensity (I) and the irradiation time (t) of the product , K = It. As can be seen from the formula of high strength low-intensity short or prolonged exposure can get the same sterilization effect , however , if the UV intensity is less than 40uw/cm2, the exposure time can not be extended to play a satisfactory sterilization effect , this is the middle there is a problem of microbial damage repair , deliberately in order to improve illumination intensity based.
UV germicidal lamp with the use of time , UV radiation intensity will gradually decline. The multi measured using the quartz lamp after 1000 hours , recession rate of less than 20% , while the high boron lamp 200 hours after power is greater than 30% decline , coupled with high boron radiation intensity on the lamp itself is less than 70uw/cm2 and therefore should be used with UV germicidal lamp .
Quartz UV germicidal lamp characteristics, mainly high radiation intensity , slow decline . Quartz lamp is made from natural raw crystal stone , UV through rate of 80 %, while the high boron glass UV transmittance less than 50% penetration rate purple , UV irradiation intensity is low .
How to strengthen UV germicidal lamp radiation intensity monitoring ?
Application of UV disinfection is a vital work , the use of the management of each unit to its use in the detection of UV germicidal lamp should be three to six months with UV radiation meter to do a strength testing, health and epidemic prevention monitoring department should be changed every six months ( twice a year ) on the use of UV germicidal lamp intensity monitoring units found insufficient strength of the lamp should be replaced.
UV radiation meter should be calibrated annually conduct a measure to ensure its accuracy performance , detect radiation intensity , it is necessary according to the Ministry of Health Technical Specification Measuring conditions , voltage 220V, temperature 20 degrees C , RH <60% for monitoring, the use of UV irradiation time until the power- five minutes , the intensity of the measured value is stable UV germicidal lamp UV radiation intensity .
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