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The application and advantages of UV inks
Date:2013/9/17 11:29:41
UV ink is UV irradiation , the use of different UV wavelengths and energy connected to the ink compound of the monomers into a polymer , and drying the ink of the ink film .

UV ( UV- curable ) ink is UV irradiation , the use of different UV wavelengths and energy connected to the ink compound of the monomers into a polymer , and drying the ink of the ink film . UV inks are inks, as an ink , they must have a bright color ( except in exceptional circumstances ) , good printability , a suitable curing rate. Meanwhile there is good adhesion , and have wear and corrosion resistance , weather and other features.

UV inks without solvent is a fast drying , good gloss, colorful, water, solvents , abrasion good ink. Currently UV ink has become a more mature ink technology , which is almost zero emissions . According to statistics , UV inks annual production of about 16,000 tons , Japan , Europe, about 1.8 million tons, about 19,000 tons in North America . It should be noted that the water-based UV ink UV ink UV ink is a new direction for research in the field . UV inks because the average viscosity of the prepolymer is generally large , reactive diluent to be added , and the current acrylate compound with a diluent which has varying degrees of skin irritation and toxicity , and therefore the development of low viscosity prepolymer low toxicity thinner while the other direction is the study of the development of water-based UV inks, namely water and ethanol as a diluent , the current water-based UV inks has been developed , and in some printing companies in the applications.
UV ink applications in the furniture industry with six major advantages:
1 Green
1, UV ink solids content of 95 % or more, with no solvent evaporation process , all ingredients cured film , the construction operator health hazards and environmental pollution is the lowest , and the paint does not contain formaldehyde , benzene , TDI heavy metals, is the real green products. Dongyang Lu Chong mahogany furniture factory , furniture factory in Dongguan Dickson Ltd , Foshan Yida hotel furniture factory, furniture factory , etc. Wangjiang hi to leading enterprises have been used .

2 , high efficiency
In the furniture production process, furniture factory procuring medium density fiberboard or particleboard, plywood , veneer , paper and metal parts, etc. , is expected to open by means of modern machinery and equipment , drilling , paste paper , packaging, these production processes are shorter , and Tu loaded paint due to PU, PE and other ink drying time constraints , manpower constraints, these processes for a long time , the entire process of furniture production "bottleneck ." UV ink curing speed, can be almost instantaneous cure , greatly improving the efficiency of production , you can break the "bottleneck ." A complete uv line, from the bottom coloring , drying, do putty, do primer, sanding, repair color to paint finish is available in 3-5min to complete. With such a uv line, eight workers eight hours can produce 1-1.5 containers of dismantling furniture or Door line .

3 Painting Cost
Although the current price uv ink than PU, PE ink price is high, but high solids uv ink , paint with less use of a spraying machine , spray paint can also be recycled. Therefore uv ink painting ink costs are generally lower than the PU 20% -50% , the cost advantage is obvious.

4 to facilitate the construction
UV ink is a single component , which does not require use of the process with curing agents or diluents and other ingredients, easy to use, did not run out of paint as long as not exposed to direct light to see continued use , there is no time limit can be used . The traditional PU, PE ratio ink after a few hours in their Activation period runs out , otherwise you will cross linking . Great inconvenience to the construction , a little improper operation will result in waste. Daily cleaning pipes have to use thinner tank , etc., cumbersome and wasteful . And UV curing is an instant cure , regardless of the weather changes and other factors, does not affect the production capacity of orders .

5 good performance, excellent film
UV paint a chemical crosslinking , the film is good , do not sag , good transparency, fullness , high hardness, scratch resistance . Flame retardant, and an instant cure after odor . Mechanized equipment coating overcomes manual operation of the human factor , the product less color , quality and stability. By the So single-component coating , to overcome the traditional PU, PE coating process for painters and other special types of dependence , the company's management more smooth, more stable quality .

6 save resources
Use uv ink , easy mechanized operations , products instant cure , you can package and save a lot of manpower and space, do not like PU PE same venue with cool dry rack .
Using uv coating , you can save the paint , reducing process , reducing power sanding people , improve product quality , but also shorten the delivery time , the paint can be protected from the weather construction .
Furniture, doors manufacturers choose uv coating process is increase productivity, improve quality, the best way to reduce costs .

UV ink using ultraviolet light as an energy source by the photoinitiator in the ink after UV irradiation to produce free radicals or cationic curing initiator polymer . In the UV curing system, without adding volatile solvents , raw materials and diluents are prepolymer having polymerization activity , curing all the crosslinked film , so no solvent evaporation , known as " the 21st century green industry of new technologies . "
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