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Mobile film transmittance and film methods
Date:2013/9/23 17:21:21
Mobile phone film transmittance is very important, previously circulated on the microblogging is a saying that the visual impact of mobile phone film will damage the eyes, whether true or false for a time a lot of people will choose their own mobile phone film tear streaking . Later, the doctor also confirmed that mobile phone film is indeed relatively poor eyesight may hurt , then how to determine the "poor " mean ? In fact, the phone screen itself after transmittance and film shows how effective is brought .

Compare mobile phones available in the market today with quality film transmittance basically in 90% - 95% , while the film slightly worse relative transmittance is below 80% . Foil packaging when purchasing generally will have the above should be marked , or we can choose a regular little mobile phone film from its packaging and product information among the find to the appropriate transmittance , and then decide whether it is worth choose to buy .

Itself and the transmittance of light absorption, reflection and scattering has a relationship . In general , both the refraction or reflection of light will have a little energy loss and thus reduces the light intensity , but because of differences in the type of materials and structures , resulting in different light refraction and reflection loss of energy is also different. Popular point is that under normal circumstances , the phone screen itself has a relatively low light intensity , then a layer of foil and then paste transmittance after considering the issue is likely to increase eye fatigue , which in turn affect vision .

Whenever a new machine to start , people will add to it a protective film on the screen , but suffer no film, protective film paste usually do it by the merchant to sell the film . But in the future once found a protective film stickers crooked, or need to be replaced when worn , but also ran to find businesses do it again , quite troublesome. In fact, the film is not a " difficult job " as long as the protective film of high quality products, and a clear understanding of the process of film , film yourself completely really not difficult. We will elaborate below protective film film details the entire process.

Use BG cloth ( or fiber soft cloth , glasses cloth also ) Wipe the screen , the phone screen is completely clean. Wipe the screen with the best in the room no wind , clean environment , in order to reduce the impact of dust on the film , because the film is to be thoroughly cleaned before this surely we all know , if they become dusty film will directly affect the outcome , ranging from lead foil after bubbles, while in lead foil to fail. Many more poor quality film protective film is because the process can not clean up after entering the dust , direct damage to the protective film layer of silica gel , making the film scrap can not be used .

Use clean stubborn dirt BG dust paste , use cloth after cleaning , if the screen there is stubborn dirt , do not use wet cloth clean water which is very important. As long as the BG stickers pasted on the dust removal , and then set off , the use of dust affixed to tack the dust cleared away. BG removal after use stickers affixed to back to the original end of the paper , can be used repeatedly .

The protective film from the packaging inside out , before you tear off film , directly into the phone screen, get an initial impression of film , especially the observation phone screen film edges and fit the situation , the position on the film have a general understanding , which will help later film the proceedings . No. ① from the film will be part of observed tear protective film label, marked "①" ripped from the film part of and avoid finger touches the protective film adsorbed layer . Each protective film products are divided into three layers , including ① and ② are from the film , the role is to protect the middle of the protective film.

The alignment of the adsorption layer protective film corner of the screen , make sure the position alignment, then carefully pasted. While pasting , while No. ① ripped from the film , foil process if the bubbles, pull the film can be reused and re- paste . Confirm film location entirely correct , then completely torn ① number from the film . Are affixed to a piece of protective film on the screen after the bubble if you find there , then what about the available scratch card scratch BG screen , the air discharge.

Other methods from the network
Method 1:
Phone protective film how Sticker
1 , screen cleaner ---- handles clean , try to install in a dust free environment ! Use a clean cloth . Glasses cloth or special cleaning rags, if not try cloth is recommended supplied water to drying after cleaning cloth is then screen surface dust and wipe clean oil, etc. ;
2 , pay attention to recognize faces ---- base film paste ( with adsorption capacity ) affixed with "① Please peel off this mask BEFORE application" label. Laminator ( scratch abrasion ) affixed with "② Please peel off this mask AFTER complete "label.
3 , opened the protector will protect the base film ---- stickers face down , opened the protector end of film about one centimeter , avoid touching your fingers adsorption capacity of veneer, to prevent dust electrostatic adsorption adsorption effects .
4, the protector will protect affixed with paste --- adsorption capacity facing down , align the bottom edge of the screen snap , from the bottom up stickers. Aside a little harder side will protect the base film paste slowly out , paste while doing likely to be slow and confirm the attached well to avoid bubbles.
5 , protector mounted film removing ---- confirmation protector completely adhesion , no bubbles , you can remove the protective film paste mounted . ( Fight a successful , do not rub with a clean cloth adsorption capacity of veneer ! )
Tips: electrostatic adsorption , no other sticky substance ; please avoid using sharp objects scratch protector ; make sure before pasting protector screen cleaning ;

Method 2:
1 stick must do before cleaning the screen
2 genuine mobile phone film has three layers , the first tear labeled 1 , start slowly from one end affixed screen ; affixed with labels peeled off again after a good 2
3 reusable packaging in the scratch card perfect foil to bubble gently scraped finish it !
I'm a compulsive acute plus film makes me mad , but recently took a non- Nigerian film is mobile film . Uh ah super easy so , in my opinion selected phone film is a good film affixed to the key

Method 3:
First with the package comes with a small fiber cloth to clean dust from the screen surface , wipe it in to turn from side to side in a sequential manner wipe , do not wipe back and forth ;
Note: The first removed the small fiber cloth on a number of small particles or lint cloth and then wipe . There are three general screen foil , select a size suitable membrane thrown off bottom layer , ( really useful is the middle that layer ) and then align the LCD screen carefully affixed down.
Note: In this step, pay particular attention to the three protective film tear protective film protective layer to get clean or handle with a plastic gloves to prevent fingerprints Nianshang Qu , is generally in three protective film to protect the adhesive layer of the electrostatic surface than that thick. The protective film has a generally good with instructions .
At the same time stick to the side while pressing foil excluded under the veneer of the air , while pushing . To exclude from the air , so as not to leave the bubble , affect the appearance. Had finished , you can tear the top layer " from the film " the. Posted a good protective film , you can safely use.

 Earlier we mentioned that a lot of traces of glue , electrostatic adsorption of speaking , this is the way the adsorption of mobile phone film itself , with a professional point, then that is framed in terms of principle, the popular thing to say is that cell phone use exactly what kind of film the way paste. In accordance with the principle of mobile phone screen film mounting points, then , today's most common , there are two , one for the gum -type film , one is electrostatic foil.

 Adhesive film is well understood, because they would no adsorption capacity , so it is only able to be glued to the phone screen . Although relatively strong glue paste , but this one is also prone to certain problems . The first is the previously mentioned traces of glue , if you tear film after a period of time you will find there is glue residue on the phone screen , so that the phone is a touch screen mobile phones in particular, there will be no smooth viscous slip movement.

 And gum screen will appear another phenomenon , but also often see users complain with foil torn off again after a long enough time to feel the touch insensitive , precisely because of the glue film to leak into the screen being caused . Some people may ask you how not flat screen glue will penetrate ? There is no absolute flat smooth things in the case of using a magnifying glass you will find the phone screen performance is actually bumpy , but it reached a relative plane fills the naked eye , so the glue will be deep into your invisible screens touch sensitivity variation caused .

 Relatively static film will not produce the phenomenon , by definition it through electrostatic adsorption on the phone screen . Static film is not only easy but also relatively easy to tear paste . As mentioned earlier if dirty film can be cleaned with water , in fact, this is the advantage of static film , it will not be the same as the adhesive film after water viscosity decreases , so the film most phones today are basically static mounting.

Summary: Although it was back to the beginning in the eyes of some users mobile phone film really worth anything , it seems no need to explain such a lengthy narrative . But they would not someone want to pay for sins , if you do not know how to waste a little money to buy film been fooled not say, but there may be on your cell phone or even damage their eyesight , so that do not easily underestimate so a foil. Currently on the market there is a large number of diamond film appeared UV film products and prices are not cheap, in fact, the price is not the only factor determining film quality , especially in the film that there are no rules and regulations of the market chaos , we need to be careful when choosing a number .
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