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Principles and Applications of transparent touchscreen
Date:2014/1/13 16:08:31
Transparent touch screen has a wide range of applications with multi-touch , intelligent display technology integration , as a display terminal , used in department stores query , vending machines, projectors, optical refractor , tempered glass, transparent touch membrane systems, industrial host and other fields , with easy display, interactive , advertising and other synergistic effects.
Expected in the near future, with the production of such products in the country and large-scale applications , the film will be seen everywhere in the scene in real life , anytime, anywhere transparent touch screen will provide people with information services.

Conducted by industrial host screen to the projector , projector screen projected by light refraction refractor will accurately screen appearance in a transparent glass desktop.
By touching the membrane system we can achieve transparent operate.

Physical species
Direct investment : direct projection on a transparent screen bearing surface ,
Fold cast : the picture is reflected in the transparent picture indirect bearing surface .

Product Overview
Transparent touch screen is a touch of new technology products , its uniqueness lies in its transparent glass body, different from the general projection products , the use of high-tech imaging films and touch components to make the projected image can be presented directly in a transparent glass screen .
Unlike projection products require external environment in order to render the dim clear picture of colorful effects , the use of a world-class advanced imaging principle , the image projector projection screen to show only a specific angle of projection light refracted into the audience 's eyes, and the other direction to the outside ambient light projection does not show interference.
Thus, even in the light of the mall or the show can shine , to impress the viewer .

The main features
Transparent touch screen has a vertical deter people look beautiful, like a waterfall spilled down completely without affecting the design of its projection imaging results.
Transparent touch screen in bright outdoor environments can still play its excellent projection performance , presented in colorful hi- screen , highly transparent integration of body and external environment , the environment did not affect the original style and layout. At the same time , small footprint, easy to install.
Transparent touch screen elegant eye-catching curves , sleek ergonomic design , allowing users to design its shape marveling at the same time , more easily obtain the touch experience , try to publish caught the eye of people in all kinds of activities on the show .
In addition, a transparent touch screen products by loading a special projection software , such as Apple IPAD can be realized as smooth multi-touch terminal query capabilities and user interface.

Industrial use
Since the transparent touch panel of the advantages of interference from ambient light even in a bright environment, the mall , but also fully capable of normal viewing and use.
Particularly suitable for large-scale opening event , once the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center for the new product advertising media release details of activities and show physical description , as well as museums , science museums, art gallery exhibits commentary .
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