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UV disinfection and UV sterilization What is the difference ?
Date:2014/1/13 16:22:14
Many people think that UV disinfection and UV sterilization method is the same work , after years of study and practice proven to operate the UV disinfection and UV sterilization confused these two concepts is wrong, but these two methods is also interoperable incorrect .
There are differences in the following three areas will be different after a detailed comparison of the two:
First: a different level of treatment required to achieve both .
UV disinfection requires only kill and / or remove pathogenic microorganisms, reducing it to a number of people no longer able to cause disease.
UV sterilization requires not only kill and / or remove pathogenic microorganisms, but also requires that all kill all microorganisms and / or removed, including non- pathogenic microorganisms.
In short , ultraviolet disinfection only required to reach places and objects harmless levels, and ultraviolet sterilization is required to achieve without a viable bacteria present.

Second: the choice of two different processing methods .
UV sterilization compared with ultraviolet disinfection requirements are higher, more difficult to deal with .
UV sterilization must choose to kill the strongest resistance to microbial ( bacterial spores ) physical or chemical sterilizing agents , and UV disinfection has just chosen certain bactericidal effect of physical methods , chemical or biological disinfectant disinfectant .
The treatment method for sterilizing ultraviolet disinfection is not only overkill is not necessary , but would also produce side effects could not happen , and if the disinfection treatment method for sterilization , UV sterilization would lead to failure.

Third, the article processing applications and different places .
UV sterilization is mainly used in sterile tissues and organs into the body deal with hospital and clinic supplies industrial products require UV sterilization , UV disinfection is used to deal with daily life and workplace articles , but also for the general hospital premises and goods health treatment .
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