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Corporate website revision methods and precautions
Date:2014/2/21 9:00:59
Brief introduction
Corporate website revision , provided you know how to change , how to change ? If only a little change in design, function and columns such as these is very simple , technically did not have much difficulty. But for the development of the site itself is concerned , there is not much effect, especially in the presence of some very serious problems for search engine friendly website , no specific revision, the equivalent of only a change to the site housing , a palliative. Need revision or re -building. Whether revision or reconstruction, all need to be analyzed to diagnose, overall site planning , to identify the problems existing sites and the corresponding solutions , and have optimized the concept ; rather than blindly re- construction of the new site.

2 business reasons for revision
Each Web site operators are not willing to revision, but also because it means that the cost of the investment costs . But to the development of enterprises revision is inevitable, because if the site in the design and features are already behind competitors , then it will affect product sales and build brand image .
1, due to the original production site simple, there are more functional defects, poor publicity and network effects Zhe off . One is at the beginning of the construction site , without careful planning, built a simple Web site , found that the site 's design is too cheesy, but full functional enough , does not comply with its own brand image in the use of the process , this part of the website almost all Internet companies looking unprofessional to do, just to find a set of template sets . So , whether it is the first time the site , or the site revision , choose what kind of website design company is paramount thing , do not choose only the design capability without the technical capacity of the company , and do not choose only the technical ability but not design capacity of the company , as the current development of China ( especially in Shenzhen , Shanghai , Guangzhou ) and other commercial relatively developed cities , visit the website of the client base of vision has been relatively international, so if the design and technology do not achieve perfect unity , then, such construction out of the site is sure to make you re- revision !
2 , since the site was originally produced by the use of technology , thinking , have been seriously outdated , using this technique to produce a site does not meet the rapid development of the Internet has long been the trend , with the guidance of the original thinking network marketing companies are also seriously affected the market expand efficiency.
3 , with its own development company, under the framework of the original site is no longer suitable for the latest developments in business , you need to re-plan the entire framework as well as the various parts of the corporate Web site content .
4 , corporate logo or other relevant VI system replacement , the original site of colors , style orientation is no longer appropriate.
5 , corporate branding policy, strategy changes , the need for internet marketing to make appropriate changes in order to cope with the latest branding , marketing strategy and marketing.
6 , website maintenance is difficult, non- site personnel can not operate other reasons .
7 , the company business model or strategy changes, the company website will change accordingly ;
8 , the site only care about looking good , but it is difficult to promote the actual need revision ;
9 , the site of the current style can not meet user requirements , the need for revision of the website user experience ;
10 , communication and design staff is not in place , there is a defect site , you need to re- modify ;

Corporate website revision proposal 3
1 visitor experience
Website revision that the primary consideration is the site user access experience, users first, then the site is not a revised user does not make sense . If for a variety of applications and features of the site to do a very big change , resulting in visitors already familiar with the original function of the number of sites can not be used due to the revision or that the use of a very big change, then it is bound to make visitors confusion , and even websites psychological conflict . On this issue must be carefully considered , a good plan , or because of loss of flow revision brought more harm than good .
2 layout design
Generally , website layout should be done on a new design, the equivalent of re-erection of a website from start to finish , which naturally is understandable, but in the pursuit of perfection should also take into account the overall style of the site design, which is very important. Just think, after the revision of an earlier version of the site with respect to the website styles, almost nothing to do with the side , the equivalent of doing a huge cosmetic surgery , there is no shadow of its former , which will involve the image of the entire site. Of course , this also will be a revised plan failed .
3 factors search engines
Search engines are the most important source of website traffic , website especially more consideration in this respect, if the site were larger changes , the search engine will take some time for the new website were observed. As for the specific time, depending on the extent of the changes made to the site , if new website from the theme and content compared with the old website has a very different , then this could even lead to a search engine to give up on the website included.
. Factor of 4 keywords
Each site has its own keywords and values which are often closely linked website . If a site has a high quality keywords , then when you go to the website version of it must take into account this factor. If you rush to the site without revision of the existence of a variety of keywords and traffic sources for detailed data analysis , then the site is easy to lose a revision keywords brought traffic. For example , " website revision " This keyword can bring 300 daily visitors to your intention , if the site when no revision will take into account this factor keyword , then the site revision is likely to lose " website revision " keyword brought traffic , which for the loss of the site is immeasurable.
5 Anti- linked factors
Link on the right to some extent outside the site will have a crucial impact on weight , a website has a wide range of anti- connected than with respect to the anti- connected few sites to get more weight , but the weight of the larger website for the search engines index ranking has a significant impact. If the revision accidentally , causing a lot of broken links or missing out some good links to high ranking weights , this is not a good thing.
In the revised plan to do when the site should think twice , pre- planning must be done, of course, for the revision of the site also should be ready enough patience to wait for visitors and search engines acceptance and recognition. If for revision and the resulting loss of confidence in the site , the impact of the image , then there is no sense revision , no matter how perfect you have to have changed , at best, only a tasteless it.

4 Corporate website revision attention problems
Corporate website revision service for two things : user needs and business requirements. How successful revision, which points to note we look there .
1. Needs Survey
Revision and development of the site , like many products will meet the needs of ever-changing situation , which means that it may take a lot of duplication of effort , and even some need to completely tear down redone.
So this time it highlights the importance of revision needs survey , you will need to collect user requirements for functions from user surveys, data mining , etc. , but you also need to confirm the revision and management needs of the company 's overall development , then several aspects demand for collecting and sorting revision for revision when used.
Sound needs survey for the positive significance of Website there are two main aspects: First, let the product team during the product design and development process, do know the answer ; second is to reduce the time and losses due to changes in user demand brought about .
2 try not to change
Website revision process, may affect the part of the user habits , can not change try not to change . Web site revision is to do addition , in order to make your site better and better , rather than subtract .
The user 's likes and dislikes, it is an important criterion for testing the success of Website . So if there are some features acclaimed , if at odds with the commercial interests or the senior will best be able to preserve the user's habits , and then bad have enough time to adapt to the user .
3 . Progressive change
Multi- site revision , senior liked immersed in the joy of the whole station look . But this thoroughly revised , often lead to massive loss of users, user training hard because of aggressive revision might disappear . The larger the site , the more weight loss .
There is a very famous experiment called " warm boiled frog" , we have steadily revised step by step , giving the user some time to buffer , allowing users to learn and adapt to new features.
If you need to change the five channels , then one by one to change the channel ; If you need to change dozens of features , it is a function to be changed.
Before the revision should first hair , let the user know what features will change, what will change , what are the benefits after rehabilitation . Then you can receive a variety of views on the revision of the user in the process , then take this to judge the feasibility of revision .
4 key elements
Many of my friends , after the Web site revision on-line , there is always a relief , then finally finished psychological said .
But revision is a means and not an end , to meet the needs of users and meet business is the key . This means that the line is not the end, but a new starting point.
Then we should extensive collection of views on the revision of the parties , the source of these views include, but are not limited to users, colleagues and industry friends, screened a reasonable proposal , and then make adjustments and improvements to the site .

5 Corporate website revision benefits
1 , out of the past into the old traditional site model , showing the new corporate image ;
2 , in order to show a new look in front of customers , to enhance competitiveness ;
3 , enhance the user experience , increase interaction module , the initiative to contact potential customers are visiting the site ;
4 , customize each channel , every column , every single page Meta tags to improve Baidu snapshot ranking ;
5 , increase the " FAQ's " section, to provide customers with comprehensive sales service ;
6 , intelligent background management system , Internet access will be able to manage the site ;
7 , the " dynamic write static read " technology to improve Baidu natural position .

6 Corporate website revision program
1 , the navigation bar to make reasonable arrangements , in-depth analysis of the client's industry , including industry characteristics, customer characteristics , customer demand ;
3 , the original site as a whole diagnose , analyze, and summarize the problem briefly develop " diagnostic analysis" , developed and implemented website revision program ;
4 , the specific implementation of the revised program for effective communication with customers to determine the specific details of each revision ;
5 , website revamped website for user satisfaction surveys and timely corrective revision function and the modified column is not reasonable or shortage of places to ensure maximum to meet all the needs of the target user .

Corporate website revision step 7
Needs analysis
With the continuous development of the Internet as well as the risk of the changing needs of users , the site needs to constantly upgrading to meet the changing needs of users , so the site revision is inevitable , when the demand has changed , not the site revision, will be faced with the site being eliminated .

Related matters
Website revision cycle time and the website in general can not be too frequent revision , Chengdu nine think once a year is more normal , periodic revision of the site and time according to their own industries and the need to analyze the site , if the transition site of frequent changes impact of keyword ranking is very large, because the site will involve revision path website content and layout changes.
If there is more than one year to run the site , consider re-do a stand , not on websites revision operation because the problem after revision and more complex, may give you a greater loss .
The new station or run near the site , subject to certain operating restrictions on the program website , you need a whole revision, then we should think before revision after revision we should do well will make your site better change over, due to the revision of the band to minimize the loss .

Operation sequence
First, the home is the essence of the entire site's content is the highest weight of the entire site pages
Home piled up under normal conditions is the essence of most content sites , are also accurate audience for the site user's content , then we Fixed Home section of the module should note the following points:
a. disposable amendments Home modules do not exceed 50% of the Home module content Home if it is necessary to revise the content of many words , you can arrange their own batches revision, a revision can not be too short, but they can not be frequently revised website . Point 3 will be described in everyone .
. b Do not avoid new module content is embedded code constructs using IFROM current Baidu and Google can identify IFROM framework, but Baidu expressly do not like ;
c. Homepage module content revision should not do three days of fishing , a hot passion , good order before the inevitable correction , not to frequent changes.
Second, Web site operators direction and structure for the site 's main website
Whether it is or ever has built a loyal user lookup index classification, which is to carry out the foundation website , if your site this must often change sex to attack , it will be a direct result of the website and the care of the index categories gone , K is the probability of 100% . Chengdu nine Reminder: Site structure is not inflexible , site construction site is bound to follow the onset of business needs change , but perhaps alter Makeover site targeting galaxy , and if they really need to do this revision , we recommend making my URL address standardization, the best disposal method is to use static pages generated , save the original directory and page content , add content directory using the differences be inherited .
Third, the site title is equivalent to the clerk of the card when the revision should pay particular attention
Website title is also equivalent to storing the user name in the phone or SIM card whenever the other amendments once , we need to get a new fix and views . Baidu and Google , too, the site title is 10% of the effect of SEO tasks. If the demand for website owners to correct the title , Chengdu nine proposals about the method of disposal :
. a topic to add or revise content , try to stick to the topic at 20% of the original content ;
. b When you add or amend the title cut of the site , try to think about adding a priority topic content, but consistency in upholding the fundamental topics of word order , add content control in 10% of the original subject content ;
c. Correction website title , should not question the current 10% -30% of try not to do delete disposal.
d. while heading to modify the original title is best to do some added work .
Fourth, the construction site navigation is the site of emergence
Whether it is still flat rectangular construction site construction site , have undoubtedly played the best guide users to build and guidance to find crawl . Corrected on site navigation , site navigation amendments do , whether it is still right at the site of the re- investigation of the higher site , but all demand attention , the use of the site navigation style , under normal conditions do not appear to use FALSH or JS performed , using DIV and CSS structure, site navigation is consistent and avoid scanning the text of the title and the title of the channel at the time of correction , URL address adhere completely consistent ; such as directory will progress to the secondary site navigation is consistent with the lower status , just the site without barriers of formula ( II Table of Contents use FLASH or JS completed ) amendment will not affect the fundamental collection and snapshots effort website.
Fifth, the final construction site

Corporate website revision after 8
Web site revision , in fact, the original program to delete, and then reinstall it, and this tends to produce dead links , and these dead links are not accessible , then the search engines indexed winded path can not access , which would suffer down the right search engine to deal with , and even K station , then the revision when possible to keep the original path , this is the best, if you have a dynamic page , then they would be doing a URL link to the old 301 redirected to the new URL above, of course , in such a way station less value for content , content and more stations if doing so would appear to be in trouble.
After just talked about the website version will have dead links, so when a user access time will certainly not open, then the spider is the same, this time to do a 404 on the jump page , when a user or spider access errors when links 404 pages will tell the user or spider , the page fault , and then guide the user to re- visit the site home page or spiders , then this will allow users to be lost , naturally website bounce rate is reduced, then the spider , the spider will not go back , but also conducive to the site collection .
After the site revision , we need to do a clarity site map site map certainly is doing to see the spider , site map showing the overall structure of the site to play the role of a good time to facilitate access to the spider crawling other content.
After the site revision , keyword ranking will appear to float, then certainly hope keyword ranking and weighting so as soon as possible to restore , then optimize the site , the most important thing is to adhere to the original content updated daily , so the spider to visit frequently , and like you site , there is some quality stick publish daily alien , so as to let the spiders like your website , in order to restore the site as soon as the weight , website keyword ranking , website snapshots and indexed to normal as soon as possible as quickly as possible .
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