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Colorimeter Knowledgebase
Date:2014/6/4 8:56:07
Colorimeter Introduction
Colorimeter English : Colorimeter or color-difference meter. Colorimeter , also known as portable colorimeter , color analyzer , colorimeter .
Is a simple colorimeter color deviation test instrument , the filter is made with a simulation of the color sensitivity of the human eye spectral characteristics equivalent to , use it to sample metering , it is critical that the design of the spectral sensitivity characteristics of photoreceptor and can be measured and , in some light through the computer software displays remarkable difference .

Colorimeter classification
1 , handheld colorimeter - also known as a colorimeter , data can be read directly , not even the computer without software. Easy to use, inexpensive, but lower accuracy. In the general field of color management widely used.
2 , a portable colorimeter - also known as portable spectral color measurement instrument , can read data directly , but also even the computer with the software . Smaller, portable, high accuracy and affordable.
3 , benchtop instrument - also known as desktop color spectral color measurement instrument, there is a window reading , even when using a computer color measurement , color software, with precision color measurement and color capabilities , larger, stable performance, higher prices .

The application areas colorimeter
Common color meter can measure the reflected color of the object, for each sample plane , small particles, powder , paste, solution or the like for accurate measurement. It is widely used in plastics , paints , textiles , printing , ink , chemicals , light industry, metallurgy , building materials, medicine, food , household appliances , education, books , heritage management and other industries.

Colorimeter brand
1, konica-minolta Japan - Konica Minolta
2, Xrite United States - Rite
3,3 nh China - Three ex Chi
4, Datacolor Switzerland / USA - Deta
5, BYK BYK-Gardner German -BYK
6, Hunterlab United States - Hunter Li
7, NIPPON DENSHOKU Japan - Electrochromic
8, MANA Taiwan - Ma that
9, SHEEN UK - color En
10, Gretag Switzerland - Glinda
Colorimeter ( color meter ) of the top ten brands ( above in alphabetical order )
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